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Monday, December 14, 2015

Charming Holiday Style with Soufeel

holiday style with soufeel (8)::: press sample :::

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but Christmas is quickly approaching. Panicked? Still looking for gifts? If you happen to have a jewelry lover on your list (or want to add something to your own list) might I suggest Soufeel? I hope you said yes, because that's what I'm going to do. You may have seen my last post about the adorable sterling silver charms and bracelets, but today I have an ever cuter selection of holiday themed Soufeel offerings. Read on for a better look!

To start off my bracelet, I needed a, well, bracelet (go figure.) Soufeel has a selection of silver and leather bracelets, but I went with the Basic Bracelet. The sterling silver bracelet is the standard snake chain style that makes a great base for charms and beads. I love that the Soufeel bracelets have really secure closures, meaning it's very unlikely your bracelet will come undone. While strong and secure, the clasps are also pretty easy to operate.

Moving on to the best part, the charms! I was tasked to create a holiday/Christmas themed bracelet, so you'll see a festive theme. First up, the super cute (I will try to limit my use of cute, but it won't be easy) Christmas Stocking. The sterling silver charm features blue enameling over a snowflake design, and is complete with wee little presents and a candy cane peeking out of the top.

As a Canadian living in the snow belt, we usually have plenty of snow by this time of year, but so far the only snowflake in sight is the Snowflake Charm. The all silver charm has an intricate pattern that is perfectly wintery.

Snow usually means mittens, so it only makes sense that I also chose the Heart Gloves Charm. The main part of the charm is a sterling silver mitten that features a small dangling mitten. Both mittens have little hearts on them decorated with a red stone. Totally adorable!

The Christmas Penguin Charm might just be the cutest little charm ever. The little silver penguin comes clad in an enamel Santa had and even has a little gold-toned beak and feet. *Squee!*

Last up, an impressively detailed Snow Covered Log Cabin. This charm is a festive little log cabin featuring a a Christmas tree and snowman on the front porch, a thick coating of fresh snow on the roof, and a tiny little wreath on the front door as the finishing touch. Even the back of this charm is detailed, as you can see the lines of each log- they didn't skip anything when designing this one.

holiday style with soufeel (1)Soufeel Charm Bracelet

Once again, I'm utterly impressed with the quality of Soufeel charms. You really can't go wrong gifting Soufeel, as you're getting well made items and each purchase comes gorgeously packed in a bow clad gift box. You also get a little gift bag and a cleaning cloth for your items. If you plan on purchasing, do it now, as there is currently a flash sale in progress. Sales are always a bonus, but up to 90% off is even better. Are you a fan of Soufeel? Will you be gifting any charms this year (or wishing for any?)

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