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Friday, December 4, 2015

OPI Starlight Collection | Holiday 2015

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*Does new nail polish dance* It feels like it's been a while since the last nail polish collection to find it's way to me, but the OPI Starlight Collection for Holiday 2015 more than makes up for that. With eighteen shades (yup, 18) there is a lot going on, with something for every polish lover. When I started swatching, I realized I actually only had seventeen shades. Somehow Press * for Silver didn't make it into my shipment, so you'll have to look elsewhere to see it. Sorry! Let's take a look at the rest of the bunch. Ready?

I Drive a Supernova is silver foil. OPI usually does amazing silver foils, but this one is a bit prone to brush strokes. Carefully application does minimize them, but other OPI silvers (that are very similar) do exist with smoother formulas. This is a one coater though, which is always nice.

By the Light of the Moon is n odd one, with a metallic silver base that is filled with various sizes of silver glitter. It looks like it could be nice in the bottle, but on the nail the glitter is lumpy and the base shade is streaky and generally just not that appealing. Two coats.

Superstar Status is a a gorgeous glitter that combines small silver glitter with larger gold pieces. No holiday collection is complete without some glitter, and for me, this one is a winner. The finish is a bit textured, but not too rough and looks great without a top coat, but if you chose to add one, expect to need a few coats. Three coats.

Is this Star Taken? is another interesting option... It has an antique gold metallic-pearl base that is filled with holographic bar glitter. Again, in the bottle this looks kind of promising, but just isn't so hot on the nail. I do like that the bar glitter flares in the right light, but the base colour kills a lot of the effect. Two coats.

Comet Closer is a soft, antique gold shade with light shimmer. The shade dries with a bit of texture and a semi-matte finish. The effect is quite pretty and a nice alternative to basic gold. Two coats.

Ce-less-tial is More is a full on glitter. The main colour is a pinky-silver that is home to an assortment of multi-coloured bits. The formula is a bit thick, but easy enough to apply if you keep the coats as thin as possible. Two coats.

Love is in My Cards is a classic, warm red cream. The formula is easy, but I did experience some visible nail line and as such needed three coats.

OPI Starlight Collection Two Wrongs Don't Make a MetoriteOPI Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite (over Love is in My Cards + top coat)

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite is a glitter topper that combines dark grey diamond shapes, small silver glitter, and chevron-like rose gold pieces in a clear base. The chevrons aren't quite perfect, and are more like chevron-ish shards. Whatever you want to call them, they're a bit... messy looking. The glitter is just too big and ends up looking a bit childish. That and the fact that the glitter is really hard to manipulate and like to stick to itself makes for a lackluster look. I'm not a fan.

Ro-Man-ce on the Moon is a glowy red shimmer. Everyone knows OPI does red well, and this one is no exception. One coat was fully opaque, but two are needed for full depth of colour. Two coats.

Let your Love Shine is is a stunning burgundy red shimmer. The shimmer glows from within the polish making the overall effect that much more perfect. Can you tell I like this one? Two coats.

Guys & Galaxies is a deep, chocolatey plum. This shade was a bit patchy and needed three coats to be fully opaque and even, but it built up easy enough and self-levels well. Three coats.

OPI Starlight Collection Infa-redy to GlowOPI Infared-y to Glow (over Guys & Galaxies + top coat)

Infared-y to Glow is the other glitter topper of this collection, combining those chevron-ish shards from Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite with small holographic glitter in a clear base. The only shade that really goes with the rose gold glitter is Guys & Galaxies, and while I still don't love the glitter, it does look pretty good together.

I'm in the Moon for Love is a purple-plum shimmer with a slight golden edge. The shade is really pretty, but I can't help but think I've seen if before (from Zoya, perhaps?) The formula is a bit thin, but does build without issue. Three coats.

OPI Starlight Collection Give me SpaceOPI Give Me Space (+ top coat)

Give Me Space is a deep royal blue with scattered holographic glitter. The glitter gives this a starry night type look that is super pretty on the nail. The formula is easy, two coats and done, but did seem to dry with a slightly dull finish. Top coat is definitely needed for a glossy sheen.

Cosmo With a Twist has a deep, blackened blue-plum base that is filled with blue and purple shimmer. The shade looks much more purple in the bottle than on the nail, but is really interesting. The formula seems really sheer on the first coat, but builds perfectly with the second. Two coats.

No More Mr. Night Sky is a metallic charcoal with silver shimmer throughout. It's glowy and perfect on the nail and might even leave you singing Alice Cooper songs to your cat. Maybe...The formula is thin and on the sheer side, but builds pretty easily with three coats.

Center of the You-niverse is a mix of sliver, blue-green, and black glitter in a black base. I didn't expect this to change as it dried, but the blue -green shimmer dissipated and the finish is more semi-matte. There are larger black glitter pieces in this, but they get lost in the base. Once fully dry, this has a shimmering asphalt type of look. Or coal... Since it's the holidays we'll call it a shimmering coal. Two coats

Overall, this collection gets a thumbs up from me. Do I like evry shade? Not so much, but the majority are winners. I like that OPI is trying different things, but they don't all work that well. That said, you might love the ones I don't. That said, my must haves include Superstar Status, Let Your Love Shine, Guys & Galaxies, Give Me Space, and Cosmo with a Twist. What do you think of this collection? Any shades you need in your life?

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