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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's In My December Julep Maven Box

Julep Maven December (8)::: I bought it / affiliate links :::

You were supposed to be reading this yesterday, but vacation-mode got the best of me. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been a total laze-about, but I am starting to feel like I should be getting a head start on my January blog schedule. Before I get that enthusiastic, I thought I'd share my most recent Julep Maven shipment. I've skipped over the past months' offerings, but I found myself interested in a couple of non-polish products. Want a look at what I got? Read on!

Julep Maven December (4)Julep Leave a Little Sparkle Box + Add-ons

Julep Maven December It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Oh La La (3)Julep Maven December It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Oh La La (1)Julep Maven December It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Oh La La (2)Julep It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Ooh La La 4.4 g $20 USD

It was the new It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse that had me most interested. I've been loving my matte lip shades and as such have been testing the waters for the best formula. While Julep's is quite nice, it's not what I was expecting. Julep has a soft formula that only partially dries. The finish stays soft on lips for easy wearing and comfort, but doesn't have the super long wear time. The colour is transferable, and while it does wear for a few hours without eating or drinking, doing so will require a touch up. The upside to the soft texture is that lips are left feeling really great with no dryness. These are a great option for those who can't do super matte mattes.

The range currently has eight shades (one is limited edition, however) that range from neutral to bold and deep. I was drawn to Ooh La La, what Julep calls a Sepia Taupe. The shade is a rose kissed taupe that is an easy nude shade suitable for pretty much every skin tone.

Julep no longer allows for complete customization unless you pay to be part of Maven Luxe or add extra items as add-ons, so I opted for the "Leave a Little Sparkle" selection instead on my usual Julep profile (It Girl). That selection allowed me a choice of shades from the Dial Up Your Glam Multidimensional Orbital Eyeshadow. I chose Andromeda, which Julep calls a 'fig with chrome pearlescence' but leans much more bronze. The shade has more purple shimmer in it than how it reads in photographs, but isn't quite the colour I was expecting. Regardless of the shade is a stunning and shimmery shadow that works well along the lid with just a bit of liner.

Obviously, it's polish that Julep is most known for. As it's winter and snow and ice come with the territory, I couldn't help but be drawn to Elsa as an add-on. The matte shade features Julep's Stardust finish that have a textured, glittery look, that hen paired with the icy white shade gives the look of snow and ice. The polish is a bit thin, and required three coats with some nail line still visible. I suggest a coat of white undies to prevent it.

The Leave a Little Sparkle box included a sparkling polish choice (from the December shade collection) so I picked Makenna. Julep calls it (or her) a gilded lilac glitter, which it almost is, but in most lighting situations it takes on a more rose gold look. Never a bad thing. The gitter is full coverage in two coats, but is a on the thick side and hard to maneuver and keep cuticle edges clean.

As I was trying to use up my remaining Julep Points, I added on Darby, a hunter green with shimmering gold micro glitter. The shade is gorgeous, really pigmented, and perfect for the holiday season, but the brush in my bottle... It's kind of a nightmare, with rough and jagged bristles making for messy application. It needs a major haircut.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my products. I can't say I'll be ordering many Maven Boxes (I've already skipped January) but I do look forward to seeing what Julep has to offer each month. Surprisingly, their non-polish products have had me more interested than the actual polishes. Are you a past or present  Julep Maven? Have you tried anything great from Julep lately?

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