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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Spooky Eyes Coloured Contacts | Natural Green Floral

Spooky Eyes Dream Eyes Coloured Contacts Natural Green Floral (6)
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As they say, 'New Year, New You'... I honestly haven't made many plans to be a new me,  but I have done a bit of upgrading (f you will.) I've always wanted to try coloured contacts, but as a non-contact user, I was kind of terrified of the whole process. I decided to buck up and face my 'eye poking, one slip and you've blinded yourself' fears when I was offered the opportunity. Spooky Eyes, while known for their array of Halloween and specialty crazy lenses also carry a wide range of coloured contacts. I've been wearing a very pretty green set and am majorly in love with the effect. Read on for a closer look!

Spooky Eyes Dream Eyes Coloured Contacts beforeWithout contacts

As you can see, I have dark brown eyes. While I've come to like my brown eyes, there were defiantly times when I though brown was the most boring eye colour one could be stuck having. Green eyes have always been my dream colour, so I was very thrilled when I gathered the never to try these. The green lenses I've been wearing come from the Dream Eyes brand and are the Natural Green Floral style. The brand is FDA approved and meets ISO industry standards, so there is no worry about quality. When it comes to your eyes, you can never be too careful.

The lenses are designed to be used on any colour eyes, but I did have doubts that the colour wouldn't be very vivid. I was wrong! The colour is perfect as it's undeniably green, but not so bright or intense that it look obviously artificial. The lenses have a fluttery looking outer ring, a green inner, and yellow-tan on the innermost area that blends well with your natural eye colour to blend everything nicely.

As I mentioned, I wasn't a contact wearer prior to my experience with these lenses. That said, the insertion and removal process wasn't too bad. A tip to anyone starting out with contacts- it's easier to apply and remove them if you aren't looking directly at your eye. It's easier to look to the side and just do it. I was very impressed with how comfortable these were. When first applied, I expected a bit of discomfort, but a few blinks and they were pretty much undetectable. I've woen these a few times, and have been able to go for 6-8 hours without issue.

Overall, I love my new green eyes! I wish I had been braver and tried coloured contacts sooner. Much like makeup and it's transformative properties, a simple pair of contacts can change your look and mood. I'm hooked! I know I'll be adding more colours to my lens wardrobe soon. Purple, blue, grey.... I kind of want them all. Have you ever tired coloured contacts? What eye colour would you try?

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