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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Secret to Thigh High Boots

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Article written by Danielle Whitman

As the fashion editor of Huffington Post describes, thigh-high boots are essential to fall and winter wear as “they keep your legs toasty and make any outfit look more pulled together.” Yet, there’s something about the length of the boot that still has some women feeling hesitant about purchasing this seasonal staple.

Boots come in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re eying ankle, mid-calf, knee or higher boots as explained by Lyst, and unfortunately, some styles tend to get more love than others. Booties and equestrian riders are often deemed more versatile in terms of outfit choices compared to the likes of the thigh highs, which can look anything but classy when worn with the wrong ensemble.

To avoid any trashy wardrobe mishaps, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to wear boots over the knees:

1) Opt for a conservative neckline to balance the “sexiness” of the boots Since thigh highs are already quite sexy on their own, it’s important that you don’t flaunt too much with your outfit to keep everything from looking trashy. For some style inspiration, check out Nicky Hilton as shown on Your Next Shoes with her long-sleeved plaid dress with a mock turtleneck, only revealing a bit of skin between the hem of her dress and the end of her boots.

2) They can jazz up any weekend outfit Everyone looks forward to the end of the work week when they can switch out their slacks and pencil skirts for jeans and all other casual garments. The classic t-shirt (or jersey) and denim combo is a go-to for anyone, but when paired with over-the-knee boots, Glamoursays that you’ll be looking chic for your weekend brunch.  

3) You can never go wrong with the sweater dress and thigh high boots look Sure, sweater dresses can be worn with tights and heels or even other styles of boots, although the danger of this said item is that it can look quite strange with the wrong shoes. If you’re looking to ditch the tights, OTK boots are a great alternative, as told by Who What Wear.

Feel free to share any other tips we might have missed!

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