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Friday, January 8, 2016

Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Mattifying Foam, Night Detox & BB Clear

vichy normaderm foaming mousse, night detox and bb clear::: press sample :::

It's the best day of the week (Friday, duh) but we're going to be chatting a bit about a slightly suckier time. What time is that? Breakout time. Ugh. While my skin is pretty even keeled, it has it's freakouts and times of distress. The key to no loosing your, ahem sugar, during such times is to have a roster of tried and true products to see you through. I've been testing out a few items from the Vichy Normaderm range, a range developed for acne prone skin, and have found some favourites. Read on for my thoughts!

vichy normaderm night detox and foaming mousse

Cleansing is obviously an essential part of every skincare routine, but when you're dealing with issues -any kind- but specifically breakouts, oily skin, and often sensitive skin, it becomes a challenging task. Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Mattifying Foam is designed to not only battle breakouts but also treat other common issues associated with them. The gentle foaming cleanser is soap, paraben, and alcohol free and formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. The foam contains salicylic acid to eliminate impurities and excess sebum from skin and pores to help clear active breakous and prevent new ones while helping to keep skin matte.

I don't tend to have oily skin, so I can't speak to the mattifying claims, but I do enjoy this cleanser when my skin is acting up. Even thought this is a foam and contains salicylic acid, it's not drying at all. It cleanses thoroughly without stripping skin and doesn't aggravate active breakouts or leave them extra red and enraged.

Most acne treatments focus on the breakout (aka the pimples) and not the skin as a whole. Vichy Normaderm Night Detox is the answer. The serum like treatment is applied overnight and works to clarify and detox oily and acne prone skin overnight. The treatment uses perlite and absorbing powders to soak up overnight sebum that is often active overnight and a unique complex containing salicylic acid that works to reduce impurities within skin and diminish the look of imperfections. Upon waking skin is much less oily, and with continued use, pores look smaller and skin is more even and radiant looking.

While I don't usually have oily skin, I do find this to be a great treatment when my skin is awry as it really improves the overall look of my skin. It's lightly moisturizing and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother and seems to have an overall calming effect. Plus, it does make large pores look smaller, which I'll take any day.

After cleansing and treating you're on the right track. Things are looking up (yay!) but things might still not be looking all that perfect, or at least normal. Vichy Normaderm BB Clear to the rescue! BB creams in general can be the best option when dealing with skin issues as they're more hydrating and easily blendable. BB Clear works to not only hydrate and perfect skin, but is formulated with acne prone and oily skin in mind. Formulated with salicylic acid and a mattifying complex, it covers imperfections and redness, and evens tone while treating breakouts and controlling oil.

The shade range is rather limited with only two options, but they do run a bit warmer than typical Asian BB shades, making them a bit more universal. I've been using the Light shade, and really love it. The BB is initially quite creamy feeling with a dewy finish, but it does dry down a little bit. It's not matte, but more natural than dewy. The finish wears well all day and stays natural looking- even my drier skin can get oily with some BBs as they wear. The formula blends over imperfections with ease and doesn't accentuate issues you'd rather not shine a light on. I love that this offers light coverage but still has enough to make skin look perfected. A bit of concealer and you're good to go.

Overall, some great options from Vichy. I recommend the BB cream to pretty much everyone as it's got such an easy wearing formula and is especially handy when you're dealing with skin issues. Have you tried any of these products? Do you have go-to products to see you through breakouts?

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