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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pantone Pastels with Youngblood Mineral Eyeshadow Quads

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In my four (or is it five?) years blogging, I've never done a Pantone dedicated post. I'm sure I've made mention of the colours- Emerald, Radiant Orchid, Marsala- to name a few, but never anything specific. That changes today. I'm sure you're aware of this year's official colours- Rose Quartz and Serenity. I was initially unsure of how well the pastel duo would fare as makeup shades, but Youngblood has options in their Vintage and Glamour-Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow Quads that are not only gorgeous, but easily wearable. Read on for a closer look!

youngblood mineral eyeshadow quads vintage and glamour-eyes (6)Youngblood Mineral Eyeshadow Quads 4 g $43 USD

The Youngblood Mineral Eyeshadow Quads are the epitome of sleek in their slim, all black compact palettes. With their seamless styling, and magnetic closure, they hold the four shadows plus a fair sized mirror. The size is perfect for popping in a makeup bag and lends itself to traveling quite easily.

Onto what you're really interested in though, the interior. Obviously, a quad features four shades. These four shades happen to be perfectly paired to make a co-cohesive eye look with a bit of pop or contrast. Of the two palettes I've been using (the range currently has seven varieties) the shadow formula does differ from palette to palette, but is overall pretty great.

The Vintage quad features mostly matte shades, with one being more stain. Blush, a pale, matte pink is a a great representation of Pantone's Rose Quartz. The palette follows a rosy-plum theme with Merlot, a dusty mauve matte, Bordeaux, a deep wine satin, and Syrah, a dusty putty-kissed rose shade. I found these swatchd a bit less impressively than they applied on the eye, but are easily blended and build up for a soft or bold look. 

The Glamour-Eyes quad features mostly pearl and shimmery finishes with denim and chocolate tones. Charming, a light blue pearl represents this year's other Pantone shade, Serenity. Now, blues can be tricky, and a pale blue pearl can go very wrong, but in combination with the other shades, it works really nicely. Enticing, a bronzey shimmer and Alluring, a chocolate brown pearl ground the pale blue, while Stunning, a medium-depth blue shimmer adds contrast and dimension.

Overall, I really like these quads! They are an easy way to incorporate this year's Pantone shades, and can easily be mixed and matched with each other for an endless array of looks. What do you think of the Pantone shades? Will you be incorporating them into your routine?

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