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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sothys Sport Retro Chic Collection | Spring Summer 2016

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It's Monday, and you know what? It feels like it. Sure the sun is shining and and it might just end up being a gorgeous day, but my day started with a jolt. My neighbour so nicely had a crew of tree trimmers (complete with wood chipper) start work at the butt-crack of dawn. I love my sleep, so the wake-up call was not pleasant. Needless to day, this blogger is going to need a nap. But, that's not before we chat up a bit of French beauty from Sothys. Their Spring/Summer collection has recently launched and what I've tried is pretty great. Read on for a look at a few pieces from the Sothys Sport Retro Collection.

sothys sport retro chic collection fresh & fix mist

I am a big facial mist fan, so Sothys Fresh & Fix Mist had my interest immediately. The slim, glass spray bottle contains a mist that is formulated for use any time of day to re-fresh and hydrate skin, but also sets makeup. The mist features a combination of active ingredients to hydrate and tighten skin while providing antioxidants and an anti-pollution effect. I like the mist, but the spritzer could be a bit finer as it kind of spurts out. The fresh and light raspberry scent is also quite pleasant, but the bottle is might tiny at this price point.

Spring eyes get a wash of bold pastels with a shimmering effect from Ombre Sothys Jelly Eyeshadows. Available in two shades, Ivoire Lumineux is a buttery, golden white, and Rose Tendre is a rosy-pink with a golden sheen. The cream shadows have a squishy, jelly like texture that glides on lids with ease. A finger works best, but the formula does blend easily with a brush as well. Each shade gives a shimmering effect to lids that is nothing but pretty and wears nicely on their own or under shadows, as they also have budge-proof wear.

While I've been very pleased with the items from this collection, I've saved the best for last. The Glossy Oil for Lips is all kinds of perfection. It's glossy, with gorgeous shine, but it's not a gloss- it's an oil. The glossy, transparent oil gives lips a sheer wash of raspberry pink (and a light raspberry scent) with a featherlight, balmy feel. The oil is hydrating and easily swiped on sans mirror. The only downside is that the light formula needs to be reapplied frequently, but I really don't mind as it feels so great and does keep lips hydrated and happy.

Overall, I am very much a fan of this collection! I should note, It also includes a Jelly Gloss for Lips and a rose nude nail polish. Sothy's Sport Retro Chic Collection is currently available at Sothys beauty consultants across Canada. To find out where you can purchase these items in your area, call the toll free number 1-800 361-3004. If you can get your hands on the brand, I highly suggest the Glossy Oil, but you really can't go wrong with any of their products. What are your thoughts? Any of thee products calling to you?

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