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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Drugstore Lovin' | Maybelline Eyes Edition

Drugstore Lovin Maybelline Eyes Edition (2)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

Sure, high-end, luxury makeup is fun. Everyone knows that, but when it comes to day-to-day staples there are more and more great options available in the drugstore everyday. I've always been a fan of cheaper mascaras (which often out perform the big brands anyway) and have been very pleased with my most recent Maybelline addition. Liners on the other hand... well, they can be a bit harder to find at a lower price point, but Maybelline has you covered there too. I guess you can deduce what this edition of Drugstore Lovin features. Read on for two Maybelline picks worth the space in your cart!

If you remember my first review of the Maybelline Lasting Drama Pencils (here) than you already know these are amazing liners to add to your stash. If you didn't, your welcome.They feature a super smooth, easy gliding formula that is super easy to apply, The liners previously came in a pretty wide selection of shades, but they've also added Soft Nude to the bunch. Soft Nude is just that, a soft, pale nude with a light iridescent shimmer. The shade works nicely to brighten eyes and give you a more wide awake look. It's good stuff all around!

As for the afore mentioned Maybelline mascara, it's the Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect Mascara that has stolen my heart. I ten to apply mascara, then go back in and tweak it to get the most oomp possible. Well, one coat of this is instantly perfect. I know. It's incredible! The tapered brush fits my eyes and lashes remarkably well and as such, catches each and every lash on the first go. I love that the formula is the perfect not too wet/not too dry consistency from the first use and that it gives major length and ample volume. It doesn't hold a curl as well as I'd like, but if I use a waterproof lash primer before it, it offers all the curl hold need. All around, this is a really great mascara.

Overall, two excellent picks from Maybelline. What do you think? Tried either of these or want to?

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