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Monday, April 11, 2016

Me & John | John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Me & John John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse and Hairspray (3)::: pres sample / affiliate links :::

I like big hair, and I cannot lie. I do. Full, voluminous hair is what I strive for on the daily... Well, the days I attempt more than just a messy thing on top of my head. I remember being a younger me and fighting (my then thicker) hair and struggling to make it lay straighter and flatter. Hey, it was the mid-nineties and that style was de rigueur. I embrace my waves now, but do find my hair just isn't quite as thick and full as it once was. That's where product comes in. I've been testing the some John Frieda Luxurious Volume products, and... Well you're going to have to read on to see how they fared.

"Thickens strands to create body for all over lift. Lightweight formula contains specialized blend of styling polymers that boost volume and hold style. Specialized polymer blend wraps around hair strands, increasing hair diameter, lifting at the roots. Resists humidity for long-lasting hold. This formula also contains panthenol, a protein, which helps strengthen and protect the hair."

The verdict... whomp, whomp. No bueno, unfortunately. Let's start with the mousse. The John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse sounds promising with it's promises of lifted roots, increased hair diameter, and lasting hold.  The mousse just don't deliver much of anything to my hair. Usually after blow drying, a volumzing product will leave hair feeling noticeably more full, but this lacked that. My hair felt smooth, and was looking pretty good, but I just didn't see or feel any added volume.

 "Lightweight, ultra-fine spray offers the extra hold and body crucial to high-volume styles. Creates all-day volume, for fine hair. Hair looks natural; stays full and uplifted all day."
Hairspray, it should prove better, yes? Not quite. I was initially disappointed that the first ingredient of the John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray is alcohol, but the formula was a bummer too. I applied this after styling (curling, brushing, and pinning) my hair, but I found no matter how far away I spritzed, there was just too much product. As such my hair was left feeling stiff (on the verge of crunchy) and lost the volume I had styled into it. I was forced to take out my style to brush out the hairspray. Ugh, not so great. I also wasn't a fan of the scent- while fragrance is listed in the ingredients, this lacked any kind of scent and had an overall chemical thing going on. While I can't see myself ever reaching for this hairspray again, it would be great if you were looking for mega hold for an updo. Just go easy with it.

All in all, I wasn't a fan of these products for my hair. Have you tried either? What are your go-to products for added volume? 

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