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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

OPI Soft Shades 2016 | Pastels Collection

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I won't deny it, today is a bleck kind of day. The weather (SNOW. Enough said.) and life in general are not going my way. Le sigh. Not everyday can be sunshine a lollipops, but you can try and fake it. Maybe, but how? With a cute spring manicure of course. Now, it won't actually solve much, but a fresh coat of glossy colour can do wonders. OPI has you covered with some sweetly hued pastels that make up this year's Soft Shades Collection. Want a closer look? Sure you do. Read on!

Before we get to the goods, let's take a moment and talk formula. Pastels aren't always the easiest polishes to work with- streaky, chalky, thick...- in short, they can be big ol' messes. OPI has really done a great job of avoiding all the common pitfalls of the the pastel polish. These shades do have thinner formulas, so many do need three coats but it's worth while. The polishes lack any chalky, pasty effect, and don't look thick on the nail while leveling nicely. I have found you can sway some shades into being two coaters by using a light hand (minimal brush to nail contact) applying a thin base, letting it dry completely, and then a thicker second coat without compromising the end result. Onto the polish!

It's in the Cloud is a soft, off-white. It's not tht exciting in the bottle, bu is very clean and modern looking on. I really like it. The formula is thin and patchy at first, but builds to an even finish with three coats.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 Stop I'm Blushing!

Stop I'm Blushing! is a warm, peachy-pink. The ultra soft shade is quite smooth during application and applied easily with two coats- 1 thin, one thick.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 One Chic Chick

One Chic Chick is a soft banana shade. I'm not typically one for yellow, but pale, buttery yellows make me very happy. This makes me happy. Most yellows need a bit of extra care, and this shade is no exception. It's a bit streaky and uneven in the beginning, but builds nicely with three coats.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 This Cost Me a Mint

This Cost Me a Mint is a fresh, pale green. It's not as typical as most mints, as it lacks the blue/aqua tinge. Formula starts streaky, but applies pretty well with two coats- 1 thin, 1 thick.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 It's a Boy!

It's a Boy! is a pale blue. It's not incredibly unique in shade, but the easy formula does make it stand out for me. Two coats using the 1 thick, 1 thin technique.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 I am What I Amethyst

I am What I Amethyst is the prettiest, soft lilac. I like the other shades, but this is love in a bottle. The formula is uneven at first and needs three coats, but I don't mind. The thinner formula dries pretty quickly, and doesn't look thick, so the third coat doesn't feel like a hassle.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 collage

While these shades don't seem all that enticing in the bottle, they're kind of perfect for spring (and beyond.) The soft hues are not only pretty, but will make great not-quite-neutral neutrals for any time of year. What do you think? Do you need any of these shades in your stash?

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