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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Build a Better Brow

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Beauty fans know one does not simply have good brows. Sure, there might be a few magical, mythical beings who do, but us, mere mortals, have to put in a bit of (wo)man hours. Today is all about the journey to build a better brow with the help of some products from Sleek, Rimmel, and Avon. Ready? Let's go!

Fill them in. It's a good place to start, right? Sparse brows get a little lovin' from the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist. It features an angled pencil tip to easily fill in all areas of the brow (even the tiniest of spaces) with a handy spoolie in the other end for perfect grooming. The pencil has a nice formula, that looks quite natural on brows, but I do find the medium shade to be a bit too warm for my liking and brow shade.

Avon Perfect Eyebrow gel is just about the most unique eyebrow product I've ever seen or used. It's made up a a gel, but not just any gel... a gel filled with hair mimicking fibres. The fibres are meant to enhance and fill brows, while the gel holds everything in place. It's an interesting concept, but not quite perfect.

Available in two shades, I say skip it if Light Brown is your best match. The light shade doesn't have a tinted gel, and seems like it will do little other than set brows. The darker shade fares a bit better though, as the gel is tinted. You're most likely still going to need to fill in brows with another product (unless your brows are naturally full and lack any sparse areas) as there is much more gel compared to fibres. As a gel, this works quite nicely with a smooth finish and good hold, but isn't a one and done product as Avon makes it seem,

If your brows are unruly, or you want a little something to keep your other products in place, the Rimmel Brown This Way Brow Gel in clear is a perfect product. The little brush is brow appropriate in size, so you can brush it on without getting it all over your face. The formula dries nicely to a crunch-free, hold-all day finish and doesn't disturb product already on your brows. Even better, it's also available in tinted shades and doesn't bust a your budget like some very similar products.

So, what do you reach for to build your brows? Tried any of these products? Want to?

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