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Monday, May 16, 2016

New & Nail Worthy with Avon

avon new & nail worthy
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While the weather here is less than Spring-like (it snowed yesterday) Spring is upon us. With Spring comes a bevvy of new nail goodies from Avon. Like what, you ask? Well, the Gel Finish polishes are back, with eight new shades (and a new label), a bright batch of Nailwear Pro + hues, and to perfect those claws, a glass nail file. Not too shabby, right? Read on for swatches!

avon gel finish nuditudeAvon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Nuditude 12 ml $7 USD / $9 CAD

I mentioned that the Gel Finish polishes were back, and they are! Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel launched a few years ago (see my post here) but since then, only saw two limited edition shades added to the range (see them here.) I've become pretty fond of the formulation, so I was quite happy to see eight new shades. The gel-effect polish claims to include seven benefits (all in one little bottle) including shine, a gel-like finish, vivid colour, base coat, top coat, protection, and strengthener. Umm humm... I still use a base coat and top coat with all-in-one type colours, but I have found that these polishes wear a bit better then your average, which is saying a lot since everything chips easily on my nails. On to three on the new shades, shall we?

Nuditude is a pale nude, that is akin to a vanilla nude. The formula is a bit patchy on the first coat, but does build well on the second. Two coats

avon gel finish rainwashedAvon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Rain Washed

Rain Washed is a pale, cornflower blue. It's such a pretty Spring blue and unlike any of the many blues in my collection. The formula is a bit thin, but easily builds in two coats.

avon gel finish mint to beAvon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Mint to Be

Mint to Be is a slightly muted mint cream. It's another Spring must have, but ultimately quite dupeable. The formula was consistent with the rest of the shades- thin, but easily built. You guessed it, two coats.

avon nailwear pro coral beat

The Nailwear Pro + range, is the main nail polish family of the Avon brand, and features a wide range of shades with a pretty decent formula. It has massively improved since I first started using them in elementary school, and on par with most other polishes.

Coral Beat is a juicy, red-orange cream. It's bold, and vivid and undeniably Summer worthy. The formula is spot on, with two easy coats being all you need.

avon nailwear pro watermelon

Watermelon is a red-pink cream. The shade is quite pretty, but not the most unique. Another easy formula with great pigmentation. Two coats.

avon nailwear pro orchid splash

Orchid Splash is an orchid cream. The shade is exactly what I picture when I think of an orchid hue. The polish is on the thin side, but builds easily. Two coats.

avon nailwear pro cosmic blue

Cosmic Blue is a deep blue with a shimmering-frost finish with an inner glow. The finish is prone to brush strokes, but careful application does minimize their appearance. The formula is otherwise easy. Two coats,

avon glass nail fileAvon Glass Nail File $10 USD / $12 CAD

Polish is nice, but you've also got to tend to the base- as in the nail. A good file is a must have, but not always easy to find. The Avon Glass Nail File is not only easy on the eyes (who doesn't love a little ombre?) but is gentle on nails. The fine grit files edges easily but doesn't chew them up or leave them worse off than pre-file. I quite like the wider style as it fits in hand nicely and you don't have to focus to keep your nails on the board. It comes with a plastic protective cover for easy storing as well.

Overall, some nice additions to the Avon nail family. I've been a major lover of Rain washed, but ll of the new Gel Finish Shades have a trendy, Spring vibe about them.  My press info says the Gel Finish were due out mid-April, but I can't find them on either site (the US or Canada.) The Nailwear Pro + shades are available now, with the file launching early June. What do you think, see anything you need?

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