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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Essence All About Eyeshadow Palettes

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If you couldn't tell, today is all about eyeshadow. Essence eyeshadow, that is. Essence All About... Eyeshadow palettes are the cutest little palettes in just about every colour combination a makeup lover could want. Even better than the amount of variety is that the palettes ring in at about $5. Yeah, you read that right. How do they fare though? You're going to have to read on to find out...

You might be thinking that a $5 palette isn't going to be that great. You'd be kind of wrong. While not every shade is perfect, the majority boast a pigmented and easy to work with formula. A primer helps them out (as it does any shadow) and there is little to no fallout- even with the more shimmery shades. We'll talk more about formula when we get to the palettes though.

The palettes come in clear plastic packaging that is pretty sturdy feeling with a durable clasp (these aren't going to open on their own in a makeup bag) but do lack any other thrills. There are no mirrors and no applicators. Not that anyone will miss the useless applicators.

Many of the palettes feature a variety of finishes/textures, but the All About Candies Eyeshadow palette is all about a frosted shimmer finish. The shades include candy hues of yellow, pink, lavender, peach, blue and mint. The shades are all lighter in shade and pigmentation, but I'm thinking it was purposefully done to make the unconventional shades more wearable for the masses. As such, you probably wouldn't use this palette for a complete look, but rather as a highlight, pop of colour, or just as a wash on the lid. A bit of the mint shade on the lid and a black cat eye liner with lots of mascara? Yes, please!

The All About Nude Eyeshadow palette might just be my favourite out of the bunch I've tired with it's pinky-neutrals and deep plum shade. The shadows range from shimmer, to satin, and frost, with really nice pigmentation and a really buttery feel. Plus, the third shade is a perfect rosy gold that works very nicely on brown eyes.

If more traditional neutrals are what you're after, the All About Chocolates Eyeshadow palette is home to two highlight shades (a satin and a shimmer) and four chocolate inspired browns. Most of this palette is a satin/shimmer finish which is really well pigmented and easy to blend for smokey or neutral daytime looks.

The All About Sunrise Eyeshadow palette looks fun in the compact but is SO much more when you swatch/use it. Firstly, the warm sunset/sunrise shades are gorgeous with their shimmer and glitter finishes, but what is really worth noting is the formula. These have a super buttery, super pigmented formula that feels more like a cream than the powder they actually are. The shades are not for the shy, but do make for one amazing look.

When six shadows just won't do, Essence offers larger palettes with eight shades. Ooh, 8! The All About Vintage Eyeshadow palette features neutral variants of ivory, and beige with two almost green shadows and two warm browns. This palette offers the most variety when it comes to textures, as there are mattes, satins and satin-shimmers represented. The mattes proved to be a bit less pigmented than the rest, but are still have a silky, chalk-free feel.

Overall, these little palettes are petty impressive for their price-point. None of them suck! These are great options for those on a budget, just getting into makeup, or to travel with instead of your pricier pieces. What do you think? have you tried any of Essence's palettes?
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