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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hide it all with Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer & Undereye Corrector

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Colour correcting is having a big moment, but I haven't really jumped on board (yet, anyway.) It's just more effort than I think I care to expel, you know?I can get down with a bit of corrector thought, you know, the peachy good stuff that helps hide unsightly under-eye circles? Mary Kay has recently launched their own Undereye Corrector and Perfecting Concealers that are all kinds of great if you've got something to hide. I'm going to bet you do, so read on for more info and swatches (there will always be swatches.)

"Help wake up tired-looking eyes! Mary Kay® Undereye Corrector is the same formula as Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer™ in a peach shade specially formulated to colour-correct bluish-purple shadows beneath the eyes. It adds just the right hint of tint to ivory and beige skin tones to neutralize dark circles and brighten the undereye area, helping to deliver a refreshed, wide-awake appearance. Bye-bye, dark shadows. Hello, beautiful!"

We'll start with the corrector, yeah? It only makes sense, as it is applied pre-concealer. I'm going to jump ahead a bit and proclaim my love for this now- I LOVE it! The peachy-hued corrector is magical as it balances out dicolouration perfectly. It boasts great coverage, but isn't heavy or cakey, and blends easily. I like that the peach colour isn't too intense (you don't need gobs of concealer to neutralize it) but hides blue and purples well. It's a must have product if you struggle to hide dark circles for sure. As great as it is, it's unfortunately only available in one shade (said to suit ivory to beige skin tones.)

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"An essential step for achieving a natural-, even-looking complexion, Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer™ conceals minor imperfections like blemishes, dark shadows and age spots. Its long-lasting, lightweight formula conceals and camouflages with creamy, creaseproof coverage. Plus, light-diffusing technology helps blur the appearance of fine lines and optically correct the appearance of minor imperfections."

I feel like I've tried my fair share of concealers (and have a drawer full to prove it) but I am always looking for that perfect formula. The Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer not only has perfect in the name, but it comes really close to truly being perfection. The concealer has a light, slightly creamy texture that offers a lot of coverage but an easy wearing formula. It blends easily and retains pigmentation nicely, but can be built up if more is needed. It has a natural finish that wears remarkably well.

I've been using the Light Ivory shade under my eyes (over the corrector) and Deep Ivory on my face. I set my under eye concealer with a bit f translucent powder and find it wears all day, doesn't dry out, and just barely creases in fine lines around my under-eye area. It's become my go-to concealer, which says quite a lot.

Overall, I love both the concealer and corrector! I can be pretty picky when it comes to concealer (especially for under my eyes) so I've been very pleased with how these perform. They are great additions to any makeup bag. What do you think? Could you use either product in your routine?

Bonus outtake:
mary kay cat attack

Igby (my cat) is very smitten with my black and white background apparently. She finds in necessary to do a drop and roll number whenever it comes out, regardless of what might be in her way.

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