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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nothing but Healthy Nails with Formula X

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Nails! You know I love everything nails- polish, treatments, decals, foils, glitter... you name it, I'm in. Formula X gets me, as they're always up to something new. My latest batch of Formula X newness is about more than just good looking nails, and is focused on products to not only beautify, but also treat and maintain healthy nails. Read on for a selection of goodies including products that were formerly only available in The Prescription sets.

Let's start at the beginning- base coat. The Formula X range offers a few different base coats, but their newest capitalizes on the colour correcting trend. The Colour Correct Colour Correcting Base Coat is a slightly tinted base that is "infused with optic brighteners to instantly neutralize discoloured nails and help reduce yellowing." My nails don't tend to be stained all that often, but I was still pleased that this base coat brightened the look of my nails and made them look healthier in a snap. This dries to a satin finish that can be worn on it's own, but it is meant as a base. As a base, this provides a perfectly smooth, even canvas for polish and wears really well .

You've got quite a few different Formula X  options when it comes to choosing top coat as well, with the Shine Strength Strengthening Top Coat being best for weaker nails. I love a durable top coat, as my nails can go through stages where they're prone to breaking if not protected. This top coat is not only delightfully glossy, but is infused with acrylic and keratin to shield nails with a gel-like finish. Even better than it's protective capabilities are it's physical durability. I've had great luck with Formula X top coats lasting on my nails (everything chips quickly on them!) and this has been no exception. I find it gives me two or three extra days before chips and wear set in. I'll take it!

Onto the first of the treatment-polish hybrids. The Formula X Sheer Strength line has some new shade additions including Charisma (glowing orchid-kissed purple) and Phenomenal (peachy-orange). The sheer polishes are meant to add a wash of colour while acting as a "nutrient-enriched nail strengthener" to "strengthen, nourish, and protect in one step."

I know, sheer polishes aren't always super popular, and to be honest I don't love these shades (I like a neutral sheer myself) but, I do like this formula. Formula X calls it a "multivitamin for your nails" as the formula contains botanical extracts, keratin, and natural hydrators to assist in building stronger, healthier nails. The treatment also works to prevent preventing splitting, cracking, and peeling, which I very much appreciate- if you've ever dealt with peeling nails you'll understand. Two coats of the polish (as shown) give semi-opaque colour and protect nails really well. I rarely have naked nails, so these have become go-tos between polish sessions to keep my nails protected.

nothing but healthy nails with formula x full strength less is more & bulletproof (1)

nothing but healthy nails with formula x full strength less is more

nothing but healthy nails with formula x full strength bulletproof

If you just can't do sheers, the Full Strength Rich Nail Colour offers up "a first-of-its-kind treatment nail polish enriched with plant-based proteins to deliver opaque color and strengthening treatment in one shock-absorbing, gel-based formula." I've featured Statuesque and Passion Forward previously (see swatches here) and can happily add Less is More (pink kissed ivory) and Bulletprof (deep burgundy-brown) to my stash.

The shades apply easily in two coats and dry to a seriously glossy finish that mimics that off a gel-polish. The finish is protective and flexible to absorb shock and this protect nails and resist chipping longer. It's also enriched with the same good-for-nails cocktail of botanical in the Sheer Strength polishes, so nails are treated well in all aspects.

I'm always impressed with Formula X products, and this batch doesn't disappoint. You honestly can't miss with any of these products, but I am a particular fan of the Shine Strength Top Coat (it lasts so well!) and Full Strength polishes as they look great and baby my nails when they're in a delicate state. What do you think? Tried any of these or want to? Have any must have nail products I should know about (do tell!)

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