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Monday, July 25, 2016

OPI Washington, D.C. Collection | Fall/Winter 2016

OPI Washingtong DC Collection FallWinter::: press sample / affiliate links :::

The leaves in are beginning to change hue, days are getting shorter, there's a cool chill in the air... in the beauty world at least. Autumn collections are here! Well, a few, like the OPI Washington, D/C collection for Fall/Winter 2016. The collection is filled with rich cremes that are nothing but autumnal, and were the result of a collaboration with OPI's first ever Creative Ambassador, Kerry Washington. She worked with the brand to name each of the twelve permanent and three limited edition shades. Want a closer look? I know you do. Read on for the swatches!

OPI Kerry Blossom

Kerry Blossom is a deep plum cream. I love that this is deep, but not so blackened that it just reads as black. It has a pretty easy formula, but the first coat was thin and patchy. The second coat evened everything out nicely. Two coats.

OPI We the Female

We the Female is a medium depth garnet-red cream. The formula is pretty easy to manage, thin first coat, built well on the second. Two coats.

OPI OPI By Popular Vote

OPI by Popular Vote is a cool candy apple red cream. While none of the shade in this collection are hard to work with, this was one of the exceptionally easy shades. Two coats.

OPI Madam President

Madam President is a vivid red cream with a hint of pink. It's one of the brighter shades in the collection and really gorgeous with a great glossy shine. It also has a really great formula that is not only intensely pigmented but also really opaque. Yu can almost get away with one coat, but I used two.

OPI Freedom of Peach

Freedom of Peach is a warm orange-peach cream. Based on the names, this does lean more orange than one might expect, but it is a truly autumnal take on peach. The formula is a bit thicker than it needs to be, but applies easy enough regardless. Two coats.

OPI Yank My Doodle

Yank My Doodle is what OPI calls a 'tawny copper' cream, which is so much better than anyway I can describe it. I get where the name is coming from, but it's kind of terrible... Yank your own doodle, thank-you very much. Anyway, the formula is on the thinner side, but builds well with two coats.

OPI Never a Dulles Moment

Never a Dulles Moment is a warm yellow cream. It's almost a primary yellow, but just that touch warmer. This shade has one of the best formulas for a yellow as it wasn't every patchy, but still applies best with thicker coats to keep it even. Two coats.

OPI Suzi the First Lady of Nails

Suzi- The First Lady of Nails is a deep olive green cream. It's a bit ugly, but so once on the nail. The formula us really pigmented and opaque, but that first coat is pretty patchy. Two coats.

OPI Stay Off the Lawn!!

Stay Off the Lawn!! is a deep, teal-infused green cream. The formula is on the thicker side, but you can totally get away with just one coat! Not too bad, right?! One coat.

OPI CIA= Colour is Awesome

CIA= Colour is Awesome is a deep teal-kissed blue cream. As you can see, both Stay Off the Lawn!! and CIA have teal tones, but one is green while the other is blue. The formula is super rich and easy to apply. Two coats.

OPI Pale to the Chief

Pale to the Chief is a pale beige-nude with the tiniest touch of frost. The formula is a bit thin, but applies easily. Two coats.

OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway

Inside the ISABELLEtway is a medium depth caramel cream. The formula is really great. So much so, yu can almost get away with just one coat, but I used two for full depth of colour. This shade (and a few others) are going to look particularly amazing on darker skin tones and can work well as nudes.

OPI Squeaker of the House

Squeaker of the House is a dusty chocolate-brown cream with a hint mauve peeking through in certain light. Another easy formula. Two coats.

OPI 'Liv' in the Gray

"Liv" in the Gray is a dark grey cream that makes me exceptionally happy (I love grey!) The formula is exceptionally great too as it only needs one coat. Yup, two OCW (one coat wonders) in one collection.

Shh... It's Top Secret is a deep, blackened brown. It's really only one notch away from being black, but in the right light, does read a brown. For such a deep shade, this has a really great formula. It's deep and dark from the first coat, and patchiness wasn't an issue. Two coats.

Overall, I quite like this collection. I wasn't really sure about it at first, but there are some really classy shades to be found here. I am particularity fond of 'Liv' in the gray, We the female, Suzi- The First Lady of Nails, and CIA=Colour is Awesome, but with fifteen shades to chose from I know others will be staples in my autumnal rotation. What do you think? Need any of these shades?

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