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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Your Highlighter's New BFF | Nanshy Fan Brush

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Exciting times at blog headquarters (aka my kitchen)... I got lamps! Photography lamps, that is. Granted, non-bloggers might not know why that's exciting, but I am very pumped. I still need to configure my whole photo taking set-up, but lamps! Back to what you're here for though... The Highlight. It's definitely having a moment (or too much of a moment in some cases *ahem-insta-highlight*)When done well, it gives a radiant glow to skin and finishes off your look perfectly. Getting that perfect glow depends on your highlight and how you apply it. Today we're focusing on application with the delightful Nanshy Fan Brush.

nanshy fan brush (1)nanshy fan brush (2)nanshy fan brush (5)nanshy fan brush (3)Nanshy Fan Brush $10.44 USD

If like me, you're not familiar with the Nanshy brand, it's likely because they're UK based. They do happen to have a huge online following though. I can see why, as from my experience with the Fan Brush, they make an incredible brush. Plus, they're at a price-point that makes them very easily collectable.

The Nanshy Fan Brush is more substantial than any of the the fan brushes I have or have come across. It's still got the fluffy-nes you want in a fan brush, but the bristles are packed a bit more densely and it has a thicker bunch of bristles overall. No wimpy fan brush here. It also boasts super soft bristles with duo-fibre tips to give a soft-focus effect when applying product. The bristles also happen to be made with antibacterial synthetic material that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and approved by PETA. The brushes are hand assembled and feature a double crimped ferrule to ensure there is no shedding.

Nanshy currently offers their brushes in two colours- Onyx Black and Pearlescent White. I opted for pearl which is white with a soft pearlescent sheen. I like that it stands out against the majority of my plain handled, black brushes.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with this brush. I didn't think I could be that excited by a fan brush, but Nanshy's quality really makes it a great addition to my brush collection. While I mainly use fan brushes for applying highlighter. they also work well for applying powder under the eyes, or dusting off excess powders (eyeshadow, setting powder, etc.) Could you use a fan brush in you brush lineup? Have you tried any Nanshy brushes?

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