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Monday, September 5, 2016

It's Mask Week! | FarmHouse Fresh Peat Perfection Enriched Peat Purification Mask

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It may officially be Labour Day, but here, at blog headquarters, it's the first day of Mask Week! A week of nothing but masks, if that wasn't already a given. If like me, you're a lover of all things mask I think you'll enjoy the bevy of masky-goodness that this week will bring. To kick things off, I've got a great mask from our friends at FarmHouse Fresh. Their new Peat Perfection Enriched Peat Purifcation Mask will change the way you think about clay-based masks.

Peat Perfection takes your average clay mask- that is often not the best option if you have dry skin- and reinvents it. Made with 95% natural ingredients, Peat Perfection uses peat mud, that contains organic bionutrients from plant and minerals with Kaolin clay, the mask works twofold to sooth and purify skin. The peat mud is rich in organic bionutrients from plants and minerals which work to relive and sooth skin and any irritations. The clay works to balance oils and pull impurities from skin, which can make pores look smaller.

As mentioned, this mask, while clay-based, is still easy on drier skin types thanks to fatty acids from safflower oil that help's protect skin's moisture barrier and Panthenol, which pulls in and locks in hydration. Antioxidants and anti-irritants are also in the mix, including cold-pressed organic cucumber extract and skin-soothing Allantoin.

The mask has a cooling feeling when applied to skin that is instantly soothing and calming, especially when combined with the fresh citrus scent. The mask dries on skin (it only needs 10-15 minutes) but doesn't dry to a super firm or tight fee. As such, the mask also washes off easily- no tugging or pulling necessary- to leave skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, and hydrated. It's a great morning mask, as it's doesn't take long to work, and it leaves skin prepped for the day.

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 Get ready for a whole week for gorgeous mask selfies...

Overall, I really like this mask! I find I usually have to use a second moisture mask after clay-based masks, but this is formulated to be gentle, hydrating, and effective and it delivers on all fronts. The mask can be used everyday (it really is that easy on skin) with one pot lasting for 14-16 uses. Like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Peat Perfection is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free. What do you think? Tried it or want to?

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