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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Multi-Masking at its Finest | Vichy Mineral Mask Collection

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Triple the mask-y fun on day four of Mask Week with the new collection of mineral-based masks from Vichy. I'm a long time Vichy and mask fan, so I was very excited to see what these had to offer. The idea behind the three masks is that you can use them simultaneously (aka multi-masking) for a customized experience. I've been a fan of multiple masks in one session, but have never used my masks quite like Vichy recommends. You'll have to read to find out how my experience went...

vichy-mask chart

We'll talk mask specifics in just a moment, but first a little multi-masking chat. The three masks can be used alone, all over the face, or you can get creative and mix and match to meet you skin's needs. The Pore Purifying Mask (the grey one) is great on areas with large pores with the Double Glow Peel Mask (the pink one) exfoliates and is beneficial for dull skin. Rounding things out is Quenching Mineral Mask (the teal one) works to hydrate and banish dry spots. My favourtie combination (as documented at the end of the post) is to use the Purifying mask (grey) on my cheeks, nose and chin- where large and clogged pores are an issue- with the Glow mask (pink) everywhere else. After rinsing, I then follow up with a full face of the Quenching mask (teal) because I need all the hydration.

The Pore Purifying Clay Mask uses two ultra-fine clays- Kaolin and Bentonite- to battle clogged pores and oily skin by eliminating excess sebum and impurities. I don't have oily skin, but do have areas with larger pores, so I appreciate that this mask works to get rid of the gunk and refine them. Also, drier skin types will appreciate that this mask isn't drying. You only need to leave it on skin for five minutes, so the clay doesn't strip away necessary oils; only excess.

All of these masks have signature scents, and while they are light, they do add to the whole mask experience. The Purifying mask has a blend of mint and woody amber for a natural feel.

The Double Glow Peel Mask is formulated to brighten dull skin by a double-peel action that uses AHA (fruit acids) as a chemical peel and rock of volcanic origin that exfoliates mechanically. The mask also features vitamin CG to illuminate, and of course, the Vichy Mineral Spa Water.

The mask applies clear on skin, only needs five minutes to process, and is then rubbed/peeled off before rinsing. I love how it leaves skin feeling exfoliated and smooth and the light scent of cassis, apple, and white musk is really relaxing without being over powering.

The Quenching Mineral Mask rounds out the trio and works to quickly quench dry skin. It uses vitamin B3 and the classic Vichy Mineral Thermal Water from the French volcanoes. The mask only needs five minutes to sink into skin, after which you massage in any remaining mask. I love that this is hydrating, but do find it's best before bed as it leaves my skin feeling a bit tacky.

The Quenching mask has a spa-like aquatic scent that combines green tea, Jasmine water, and bamboo.

vichy mask selfie

I really like the idea of mutli-masking, but you can certainly just use one- it's completely up to you. I really like that all skin types are represented with these masks- all of them are formulated to be safe for sensitive skin. What do you think? Do you like to mix and match your masks? Tried these or want to?

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