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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Lipstick of Your Dreams | Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick

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I promised heaps of makeup this week, but it's just not going to happen. Before you throw your tomatoes, I will reschedule, but it's full on pandemonium right now. You see, all summer my mom, neighbour, and a few friends have been talking about having a yard sale, but we could never settle on a date that worked for everyone. Seeing as it's almost the end of yard sale season, we're aiming for Saturday. Long story short, I didn't realize how much stuff I had to get rid of, so my house is a total mess with boxes of stuff stashed on/in any available space. As such, I haven't gotten many photos done. I did carve out a bit of space to photograph the stunners that are the new Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks though. The short version: they're pretty great. Read on if you like the full 411 (which you definitely do.)

make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (2)make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (5)make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (6)make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (3)

With 31 cream shades and 14 matte, the range has almost every colour a lipstick lover could want including two limited edition shades designed in collaboration with pop duo Icona Pop. The range has new packaging that matches with the recently launched foundation and mascara (review coming soon) with all black tubes and a silver metal wrapping of sorts with the branding on the ends of the tubes. The bullet might look a bit different than your average lipstick, and that's because it is. The tapered point allows for precise application, which is really nice if you don't happen to have a lip pencil in a coordinating shade.

The shades range from everyday neutrals, to pastels and novelty bold with pretty much everything between. The shades have been professional curated to not only look incredible, but also to be flattering across all colour families with shades working on all skintones. Available in just two finishes- cream and matte- the shades offer 25% more pigment than the original Rouge Artist. While these are super pigmented and opaque, the formula is still super comfortable and easy wearing. The creams have a soft, creamy texture and a nice sheen, while the mattes aren't dry or stiff and don't suck moisture from your lips.

make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (4)make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches (8)

Of the current shade range, I've tested six, and have been very pleased with all of them. They include:
  • C502 Taupe Violet- greyed lavender
  • C105 Griege Beige- pink-beige nude
  • C211 Rose Wood- mauve-kissed rose. MUFE created this shade with the perfect rose and brown blend to be 'universally beautiful on all skntones.'
  • M401 Hot Red by Icona Pop- a medium-depth, matte red (is deeper in person.)
  • C506 Dark Purple- deep, plummy-purple
  • C603 Midnight Blue by Icona Pop- Deep blue with teal undertones

Overall, I really love these lipsticks. My only wish would be for C603 Midnight Blue to be matte. It seems creamier than the other shades and does have a bit more slip. I found it easily transfered to teeth and non-lip areas when wearing it, and no one wants a Smurfy look from wayward lipstick. That said, the others are pretty much perfection. I'm currently a touch obsessed with C502 and C211 but I don't think you can miss with any shade. What do you think? Tried these or want to? Have any favourite shades in the range?

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