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Thursday, October 13, 2016

All the Beauty Bits with Mojo Spa

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Today is a mixed makeup bag thanks to Mojo Spa, as they do a bit of everything. Skincare? Yup. Makeup? You bet. Perfume? Sure thing. Candles? Of course... I could go on. The Chicago based brand is no one trick pony. Their array of over 350 products also happens to be made with love in small batches using better for you, natural ingredients (think real fruit, veggies, and herbs). I've been sampling an assortment of their beauty bits and have to say, they're a pretty amazing brand. I may or may not have a wish list as long as my arm. Like the new Warm and Cozy Candle (cinnamon, vanilla, and mulberry) which is a candle AND body cream. Yes, please! But I'm getting off track...

Starting off with a bit of Mojo Spa skincare (of which there are various ranges for your specific skin type.) The High Society range is designed for normal-combination skin a focus on purification. The High Society Purifying Facial Toner is a handmade organic infusion of herbs and citrus enriched with rose, lavender, and Dead Sea Water to tone and tighten, refresh, and hydrate skin. I am a toner/mist lover and quite like that this is refreshing and toning without being drying.

The High Society Purifying Luxury Moisturizer has a lotion like consistency that is nicely hydrating (even on my drier skin as this is designed to suit all) thanks to a formula that combines truffle oil (high in vitamin B), lavender (tightens pores and maintains) and neroli (increases blood flow) water with honey powder (promotes healing).

mojo spa illumi-nata herbal face cream

You may know that I am an utter addict whenit comes to skincare that brightens. It makes me mucho happy. So, I was thrilled to get to give the Illumi-nata Illuminating Herbal Face Cream a try. The cream combines an impressive blend of 20 different herbs, fruits, and flowers to not only brighten skin but to also rejuvenate and heal. The cream works as a primer, moisturizer, and luminizer with subtle light reflecting crystals that work to even the look of skin tone, blur the appearance of imperfections, and enhance skin's natural radiance. The cream has a delightful floral meets herbal scent, that to my nose says geraniums. LOVE this!

It's been forever and a day since I used any sort of clarifying shampoo on my hair. Sure, an apple cider vinegar rinse has happened, but there just aren't many clarifiers that are safe for coloured hair. Until now. Kind of... The Hair Build Up Begone is a pre-shampoo treatment, but it still works to clarify hair and remove all the build up (product, dandruff, sweat etc) you hair and scalp are carrying around. It also works to stimulate the scalp and encourage new hair growth with a combination of clay, vitamins, herbs, and essential oil.

mojo spa nifty nail cure bombshell acne spot treatment

My nails and cuticles can always use come TLC, so the Nifty Nail Cure has been a really great find. While it's great for moisturizing and caring for cuticles, strengthens nails, and promotes overall nail and skin health, it's also a natural anti-fungal / antiseptic treatment. The combination of oils (lavender, neem, flaxseed, and jojoba) work in tandem to eliminate and prevent fungus.

The Bombshell skincare range is designed for combination/acne prone skin with the Bombshell Acne Spot Treatment being perfect for any skin type that breaks out. Unlike traditional spot treatments that can be harsh and drying, this combines healing oils (tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, sage, bergamot, lavender, and more) to reduce redness and leave the area disinfected for faster healing. The roll-on treatment can also be used on minor skin wounds (bug bites, scrapes, cuts, etc). I love a multi-use product!

mojo spa sun magic powder fair skin (1)mojo spa sun magic powder fair skin (2)

As mentioned, Mojo offers a range of makeup, including the Sun Magic Healing Mineral Powder. Available in a range of shades from Fair through to Dark Bronze the powder works set makeup, absorb excess oil, give a little extra coverage, and can even heal skin irritations and improve skin texture with continued use. The formula is impressive both in what it includes and what it lacks- there is no talc, mineral oil, nylon, fragrance or preservatives. It does include skin loving herbs and minerals with a lightweight formula that feels silky and perfect on skin without feeling drying.

mojo spa lip jam pop- cake pop (1)mojo spa lip jam pop- cake pop (2)

Last up, Lip Jam Pop in Cake Pop, a very adorable balm meets gloss product. The stick has the hydrating texture of a gloss, with the shine of a gloss and a nice wash of pink colour. The Lip Jam Pops are unscented and feature vitamin E, jojoba oil, and cnadilla wax to hydrate and treat skin and lock in moisture.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a complete fan of Mojo Spa! I love that their products aren't just handmade, but that they're also so well thought out to provide the best results. What do you think? Have you tried anything form the brand? Want to?

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