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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Avon Does Autumn | Fall 2016

avon does autumn
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I like to think of each season as a mini refresher. A new start, new colours to obsess over and a welcome reason to change up my makeup and skincare. I'll take any reason. To wring in Autumn, Avon has some newness that is a great way to refresh your look, skincare, and mug life.

Just because the days are getting darker doesn't mean the sun isn't lurking. It is, and it's still itching to cause sun damage. Don't let it win. Sunscreen is always necessary and Avon is making your daily application a bit better. The Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion has Avon's highest SPF level with broad spectrum SPF 50 and a formula boosted with an antioxidant complex to protect from environmental damage, retinol to help fight aging and wrinkles, and Smart Repair technology to heal skin damage from past sun exposure. Oh, it's also really hydrating and wears perfectly under makeup.

With the cooler days creeping in, my skin starts it's annual dry out. Now is the time of year I reach for my body butters and oils for maximum hydration. The Skin So Soft Supreme Triple Phase Oil is an excellent option that combines argan, babassu, and macadamia oils. Each of the oils serves a specific function with the top yellow layer nourishing, working like skin's natural oils, the white middle layer seals in moisture to keep skin feeling conditioned, and the pink layer reaches dry skin for lasting hydration. When combined (after a good shake), the oils create a lightweight feeling oil that absorbs quickly and hydrates instantly. The formula also contains vitamin E and a yumm-tastic macadamia-vanilla scent.

Mark (Avon's sister brand) is always good for a seasonal scent, and have brought us a good one with All Bundled Up. The scent is a cozy, warm and slightly sweet concoction that combines crisp, sparkling pear, warm vanilla bean, and rich golden amber. I like that the amber grounds the sweetness and adds depth with the warmth of the vanilla lingering on skin for a few hours. Available as Body Mist, Body Butter, Shower Gel, and Hand Cream it's an inexpensive fragrance update. The body mist is especially cozy if you spray it on your sheets before bed.

What is Fall/Autumn without colour? Rich, deep hues are essential and throught their various ranges, Avon offers something for every colour whim. Avon recommends new neutrals and green hues for the season, and I have to say I'm loving some of their non-traditional choices.
  • Gel Finish Nudeitud:  beige-cream cream that is modern and fresh, aka my new favourite neutral.
  • Gel Finish Citronized: fresh chartreuse cream. A bit unusual, but stunning once on.
  • Speed Dry Turquoise Pop: vivid turquoise cream. A nice pop in lieu of deeper tones.
  • Gel Finish Sterling: a deep gunmetal with a metallic shimmer. Hello, lover! 
  • Nailwear Pro + Emerald Noir: blackened emerald with glowy shimmer.

When's the last time you re-freshed your mascara? A new season is a great time to toss your current tube and replace it with a fresh formula. The True Colour Wide Awake Mascara is a worthy option, especially if like me, you're into fibre mascaras. Wide Awake features a tapered brush and light-weight formula to keep a curl and give long, uplifted lashes without having to curl. Humm... My stubborn lashes (mostly just my left eye) can't go without curling, but I was very pleased that this mascara really does hold curl and keeps lashes lifted.

I have an open door policy for all the shades of eyeliner because you just never know what you'll need. The three newly added True Colour Glimmerstick Eyeliner shades are going to be my fall go-tos as they're just so great. Plus, the formula! I've had some sucky Glimmersticks in my years using Avon, but these have a soft and easy going formula that applies really nicely.

The shades though, Majestic Plum is a deep blue-based plum with a satin finish. Blackened Green is exactly that, a deep hunter with a black edge (it reads slightly more green in person.) And the shade every mermaid-want-a-be needs, Turquoise Sparkle that melds an aquatic teal with muti-dimensional shimmer.

And lastly, mug life. I loooooove mugs and can get down with a cookie (or four...) so the adorable Milk & Cookies Mug made me instantly happy. The black mug features the "Cookies make everything better" phrase on the front and a handy slot to hold your cookie. I don't do milk very often, bit the mug is perfect for hot beverages too.

Now you have no reason not to enjoy fall that little bit more. What do you think? Need any of these bits in your life? Are you a fan of fall?

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