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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trick-Free Skincare Treats From

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You know me, I am never one to say no to skincare, especially if there are masks involved. That's why I was very pleased when I was given the chance to try some skincare goodies from Beauty Haven is a Canadian based site that carries a variety of body, hair, and facial skincare items at really reasonable prices. The offer a few different brands, but all of the items that caught my eye are from Victoria Beauty. 

Everyone is micellar crazy, and for good reason, so how could I not try a micellar that combines rosewater, rose oil,  and hyaluronic acid? The micellar offers two-in-one action as it's gently removes makeup while toning skin and prepping it for whatever you may be applying next. I don't use this on my eyes because of the hyaluronic acid in it, but for the rest of the face it is a great makeup remover. To get the most out of the formula, I use it after washing my face as a last cleaning step that transitions into toner.

Masks! Masks! Masks! I'm on a quest to try them all and Victoria Beauty is fueling my journey with their two pack varieties. Of the options Beauty Haven carries, I opted for the Deep Cleansing Cucumber Peel-Off Mask and the Dual-Action Charcoal & Black Sugar Scrub Mask.The masks come in little pouches with enough product for two uses and make for a fun change up to a multi-use pot of something.

The cucumber mask is a fun peeling type that gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, while cumber extract works to moisturize and smooth skin.  For the best of a scrub and a mask, the charcoal black sugar mask combines active charcoal and black sugar. The charcoal naturally purifies skin, absorbs oils without drying while black sugar gently exfoliates dead skin for smoother more radiant looking skin.

victoria beauty gold collagen eye masks

Eyes are treated to a luxe experience with the Active Gold Collagen masks. The eye masks/patches work to smooth fine lines, reduce dark circles, reduce the appearance of fatigue, and tighten around the eye in mere minutes. I love to pop eye masks on pre-makeup application to get the most out of them, and found these to be very hydrating and left the skin around my eyes feeling a little bit tighter. Dark circles, unfortunately, looked the same. You cant win them all.

victoria beauty active bright collagen hydrogel mask (2)

victoria beauty active bright collagen hydrogel mask (1)A mask selfie so bad I couldn't not use it.

Last up, a bit of sheet mask action with the Active Bright Collagen Hydrogel Masks. The box includes two masks, that feature the jelly-style hydrogel mask as opposed to the paper/cotton version. The mask is also a bit different than your average, in the fact that it is two pieces. There is an upper piece (forehead to nose) and lower piece (mouth to chin), which makes the fit a bit better. A nice touch.

The mask is formulated to prevent dull skin and premature aging by nourishing skin and giving a lifting effect. It also works to hydrate, repair and regenerate cell turnover and boost elasticity and firmness. After using this mask, my skin instantly felt smoother and more hydrated, with a plumed and firmed feel. I was pleasantly surprised at how this left my skin feeling/looking.

Overall, I'm pretty happy to have Beauty Haven as a new skincare shopping destination. I love that they offer little things different from the norm and at reasonable prices. Shipping on orders over $50 is free in Canada as well. Bonus! What do you think? Have you heard of or tried Victoria Beauty? Tried any new skincare items lately?

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