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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

sally hansen colour therapy (2)
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It seems oily nail polish is a trend that's here to stay. Not oily per-say, but formulas infused with conditioning oils to nourish and protect natural nails. It's a novel idea and Sally Hansen (aka the queen of all things nail) has a formula of her own with the huge range (currently 33!) of Colour Therapy polishes. They're formulated with argan, acai, and primrose oils and in case you just can't get enough oil, there's also a cuticle oil in the mix.

Let's stay on the cuticle oil train, shall we? The Colour Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil features the same oils found throughout the system (argan, acai, and primrose) and cottonseed oil and sunflower seed oil. I am not so great at using cuticle products continuously (I tend to take a more sporadic approach) but this one is a really great option, especially with colder weather upon us. It is easily brushed on, then rubbed in, and absorbs quickly. You do have a minute of downtime before it's completely gone, but the warm, sweet vanilla scent is quite nice.

You may have noticed I called this as system, because I did. I did so since the polish, top coat, and oil are meant t be used as such. A few coats of colour (base coat is formulated into it), sealed with top coat, and oil for added nourishment and hydration. The fact that you aren't meant to use a base coat, means your nails have more opportunity to soak up the oils in the formula. Makes sense. The Colour Therapy Top Coat is nice. It applied easily (perfect texture) and a glossy shine. I didn't find it prolonged my wear time to last the ten days claimed, but I never get that long with any top coat/polish duo.

Sheer Nirvana is a milky, sheer pink, but it's actually not as sheer as one would expect. I used two coats, and it almost covers all visible nail line. The formula is pretty easy gong, and only the slightest bit uneven on the first coat. Two coats.

sally hansen colour therapy red-iance

Red-iance is a orange tinged red. I don't love this shade, but it's formula is pretty great. Two coats and no issues other than a poorly trimmed brush.

sally hansen colour therapy sticks and stones

Sticks & Stones is a deep purple filled with multi-coloured shimmer (red, purple, gold, and blue upon my inspection.) The shimmer is more apparent in the bottle, but the subtle shift gives this a night sky type look. The formula is a bit thick, but still easily managed. Two coats.

Overall, I like this range. I don't know if the oil infused formula has helped my nails as of yet, as I think you'd have to use Colour Therapy shades exclusively for an extended time, but I do love the results I've seen from the cuticle oil. I should note, the line has the same wide, flat brush found in the Complete Salon Manicure polishes. I personally like the brush, but I know not all do. What do you think? have you tried any shades from this range?

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