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Monday, December 19, 2016

Brushes, Bags & All Things Gold | Sephora Collection Holiday 2016

sephora collection holiday 2016 bags & brushes
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Is anyone else getting incredibly excited about the holidays? I am! Not so much for the actual holidays, but for a bit of a break. I love blogging, but I'm ready for a few days away. The day in day out can get a bit monotonous, you know? But, before my break starts, I do still have a small heap of greatness to show you. Today is especially fun, as we're talking brushes and bags from Sephora Collection. If you don't like gold, glitter, and more gold (and a bit more glitter too, actually), well... you might not want to keep reading. But really, who can say not to glitter?

The Sephora Glitter Happy Brush Set is back this year, but this time in yellow gold. As you may remember, this lady was released last holiday season in rose gold. The set is bigger this year, as the acrylic packed brush holder is larger (and in charger...?) but still home to six brushes. The gold tapered handles have a rubber-y capping on the ends with soft gold bristles that are incredibly soft. The set includes a lip, precision concealer, powder, blush, all over shadow, and crease brush.

I've never encountered a bad brush from the Sephora Collection, and these feel as incredible as any others I've used. I can say that these will hold up exceptionally, as I use my brushes from last years set a lot and they are still in prefect shape after countless washings.

Every year holiday versions of the core Sephora Collection bags (The Escapader, Voyager, Weekender, and Universalist) with cute and fun patterns. Last year we saw rose gold animal print, but this year is all about the Sparkle & Shine that features a silver, yellow gold, and rose gold chevron-type print on white faux-leather.

The Weekender is stylish, sure, but is also all about functionality. All zipped up, the pouch doesn't seem very large, but once opened to full size, it reveals a lot of space for your travel necessities. All of the pockets/sections are labeled, for easier organization, starting with the toiletries section. Next, a dedicated brush area, complete with elastic rings to keep your buds in place and out of harms way. There is even a little flappy to cover the bristles (no detail was overlooked here.) Up next an area for jewellery, a very nice addition, and last up, makeup. I love that the zippers are sturdy and that all of the areas allow you to pack a lot of stuff but in an organized manner.

More of the same Sparkle & Shine pattern, but this time on the brush roll of the Sparkle & Shine Anti-Bacterial Brush Set. Inside the snap-closure secured roll, you'll find seven brushes: powder, small foundation, concealer, angled shadow, flat eyeliner brush, and brow comb. The brushes are super soft and feel very durable, but are a bit more special than your average, as the synthetic bristles have also been coated with a special treatment that works to destroy harmful bacteria. You've still go to wash your brushes, but at least you know they aren't a total science experiment in the mean time.

sephora collection breakups to makeup glitter gold clutch

What is the holiday season without new (and super cute) Breakups to Makeup bags?! Sephora has done it again with two glitter packed versions for us to lose out glitter loving minds over. One version has mutli-coloured glitter and the phrase 'leave a little sparkle wherever you go' while I have the all gold version, clad with 'glitter, gold & everything bold.' There are no worries of actually leaving a trail of glitter when you use these bags though, as the glitter is full encased with no way of escaping. These can clearly be used as makeup bags, but really, you can also use them in your purse for randoms, or as a full on clutch. They're too cute not to!

sephora collection bold outside phrase bag

I'm Canadian, and we've seen a lot of snow and minus degree days so far this winter, so I wouldn't be so cute and would tell you it's really f&*ing cold. Sephora, on the other hand, is cuter with their very gold 'Baby it's Bold Outside' Phrase Bag. The crinkle effect, faux-leather makeup bag has a roomy shape, meaning you can get a lot of product and essential business in there. The gold tassel zipper pull is an added touch of cute, and like the Breakups to Makeup bag, can be used as a little clutch on a night out.

Lastly, a few littles that make great add on gifts, or little somethings to have on hand for quick gifting. As no one can have too many brushes, the Sparkle & Shine Multi-tasker Brush is a perfect gift. It's a champagne coloured mini version of the full size #45 brush. It's super soft, perfect for just about anything (powders. creams, liquids... ) and very portable. The tube it comes in is cute with an inner tube packed with golden glitter, but also a great storage tube should you want to use the brush on-the-go.

Again, one can never have too many sponges either. The Precision Makes Perfect Mini Airbrush Sponge Set includes two blender sponges that are actually kind of amazing. I'd never used a Sephora sponge, but the texture of these is really great. Dampened, they blend foundation really nicely and their smaller shape and tapered end works perfectly for small areas and applying concealer. 

There you have it. As per usual, Sephora has a ton of holiday offerings, but act fast as items are selling out very quickly. The upside of the holidays/Christmas being so close, is that most (if not all) of the products mentioned in this post are already on sale. Score! See anything you want to gift or get? Have you picked up any holidays items from Sephora yet?

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