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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mary Kay Holiday 2016 | Pamper Essentials

mary kay holiday 2016 pamper essentials::: press sample :::

I know, it's verrry close to 'the day' and I've still got holiday bits to show you. Tomorrow is all about stocking stuffers, but today is all about that me time with bath and body bits from Mary Kay. Let's get to them, yeah?

mary kay satin hands white tea and citrus

Hands can take a beating anytime of year, but just think of all they do during the holidays- baking (and the dishes that come with it), wrapping gifts... okay, that's actually all I can think of, but you get the point. Your hands deserve some lovin' and Mary Kay knows it. Their Satin Hands Pampering Sets are a yearly tradition, and while they do make excellent gifts, they are an even better gift to yourself.

Each set- available in a refreshing White Tea & Citrus or Fragrance-Free- includes an unscented Satin Hands Softener, which protects hands when you do the whole Satin Hands routine. The thick, balm like lotion is also great on feet, btw. You're to apply the protector, then follow up with the Satin Hands Smoothie Shea Scrub which exfoliates gently leaving hands feeling silky smooth. The last step is the Satin Hands Nourishing Shea Cream, which hydrates without any greasy feel or residue. The sets come ready for gift giving in a cute little gift bag too, which is a really nice touch.

mary kay satin lips scrub and balm

Hands aren't the only only body pat in on the pampering this year, as Mary Kay has added lips to the Satin family of products with their Satin Lips Set. It includes tow lip loving products in the White Tea & Citrus scent, with a shea based scrub and lip balm. The scrub removes dead skin to reveal smoother lips, while the balm hydrates and nourishes.

mary kay be delighted

With lips and hands covered, all that's left is a bit of bath or shower time. To make the experience a bit more festive, the limited edition Be Delighted range combines the scents of crisp Fuji apple, raspberry chiffon, and tonka bean. It smells incredible! It's sweet, fresh, and feminine and packaged in adorably dotted boxes and bottles. 

The Be Delighted Body Wash & Body Mouse Set includes a scented body wash and body butter (my new favouirte moisturizer!) in a clear and dotty zip bag. To add a bit of necessary holiday shimmer to the mix, the Be Delighted Shimmer Body Mist adds fragrance and a soft glowy veil of shimmer.

Overall, and excellent batch of Mary Kay products. I have been really into the Be Delighted scent, plus the body mousse is really hydrating and rich without feeling heavy. You could say it's delightful. What do you think? Could you use a little holiday pampering?  

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