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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mary Kay Pure Dimensions Eye Palettes | Holiday 2016

mary kay pure dimensions eye palettes holiday 2016 (2)
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I think most makeup fans can agree that a patterned, raised, or just creative spin on a product gets them in tizzy (the good kind) right? Mary Kay is in on our love of patterns and special things with their main holiday makeup release. The new, limited edition, Pure Dimensions Eye Palettes are incredibly fun to look at and boast some gorgeous shades to see you throughout the holidays and beyond. The problem is finding the nerve to actually swatch/use them....

They're just so good looking! Housed in spherical silver with clear lids, the Pure Dimensions Palettes are each home to four themed shadows. If you're thinking the packaging looks a bit familiar, it is, as last year's highlighters (which also had intricate patterning) came in the same domed compact. Anyway, each of the palettes features a different pattern on the shadow to match the theme/shades. The palettes have a variety of textures represented, but there are no mattes in the mix.

First up, the neutral option of the three with Moroccan Dunes. The shadows have a rippled pattern that I'm thinking is meant to be reminiscent of wind blown sand (you know, in the dunes... of Morocco.) The palette features warn neutrals with shimmery-satin textures with a off-white, peachy-pink, coppery-brown, and taupe-brown. Compared to the other palettes, the textures in this one were a bit less intense, but nicely pigmented and work well together on the eye.

Things get a bit bolder with the Maui Gardens palette, which features a tropical leaf-style veining on the shadows. The shades include deep jewel tones in blue and green, with satin-shimmer finishes, a frosted yellow-champagne, and chocolate bronze. I really love the blue and green shades, but do with they had a bit more pop, as they do read deeper swatched than in the palette.

Last up, the smokier option, with the Paris Starlight palette. The shadows have a geometric shattered design, that could be interpreted as an abstract take on the night sky. Whatever it is meant to be, I like it. The shades are the most shimmery and glitter does make an appearance. And foil! The antiqued gold features an incredibly pigmented foil finish that is amazing. It came out blurry in every one of my swatches, but it's a stunner. Also included, a cool purple with blue shimmer, almost matte black with silvery glitter, and a cool gunmetal with a foil-like finish. These shades are incredibly pigmented and bring the holiday-type shimmer I like to see in this time of year.

Bonus product! Mary Kay has added a Liquid Eyeliner Pen to their permanent range and I like it. I love the ease of use pens give, but let's face it, it's not always easy finding options that give you as much pigment as a brush and ink (or dippy, as I call them) liner. The pen is very standard in design, but the product within is plenty black, applies opaquely, and the felt tip is easily manipulated. The liner wears well for the day, with a smudge, transfer, and flake-free wear. It's not waterproof, but is water resistant. I had no issues with any smudging or wear around my eyes, so it does hold well.  All in all, this is a great liner. I'm hoping the tip doesn't dry out quickly though *crosses fingers*

Overall, excellent holiday (and permanent) options from Mary Kay. While I didn't really want to swatch the shadows and ruin the designs, they do hold up pretty well after use. The shadows are gorgeous, and the smaller palette size makes them great for travel. What do you think? Need any of these products in your life?

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