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Monday, January 23, 2017

Essie Spring 2017 Collection

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It's Monday, but I doubt you need me to tell you that... It's a dull, mid-winter day here, and as much as I love the colour grey, the grey days are getting a little old. That means it's a perfect day to play in a bit of colour! The Essie Spring Collections brings some fun shades with bold and saturated offerings to transition you into warmer, sunnier days.

'The vivid colours of Baja provide the perfect palette for Spring. Baja's warm and inviting hues evoke an idyllic backdrop for a road trip with your best friends, with lots of photos and memories along the way.' - Essie Global Colour Designer Rebecca Minkoff

essie b'aha moment

B'Aha Moment is as Essie describes it an 'enlightening pink pomegranate' which sums it up perfectly. It's red overall, but with a pink tone. The formula feels a little bit thick when applying, but is super opaque and pigmented, making it a one coater.

backseat besties

Backseat Besties is a vivid, yet delicate pale bubblegum type pink cream. It's not my usual type of pink, but I kind of love how it looks on. It has a thinner, more classic Essie formula that applies easily in two coats.

essie excuse me, sur

Excuse Me, Sur is a shade I feel Essie replicates fairly frequently, but is a very pretty pastel-lening peachy-pink cream. It has another thicker formula, which can cause some unevenness if you're not careful. Two coats.

essie on the roadie

On the Roadie is a rich and saturated Kelly green cream. I love a vivid green polish and this one is pretty much perfection in a bottle! Easy application in two coats.

essie all the wave

All the Wave is another saturated beauty with a sapphire meets cobalt hue. It's gorgeous! Another thicker formula, but it works well with the opaque and pigmented polish as it applies in just one coat.

essie designated dj

Designated DJ is a deep plum creme  Essie calls a 'plum sangria'. It's a nice change of pace to have a deeper shade in a Spring collection and is straight up gorgeous (even if not that unique.) A great, easy formula. Two coats.

Overall, I am a fan of this collection. I like the mix of brighter, typical Spring shades with the bolder, deeper vivids. What do you think? Are you feeling any of these shades?

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