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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Light, Reinvented | Mary Kay Spring 2017

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It's about this time of year that one starts to think Spring may never return. There is just so. much. snow. It's snowing as I type. Spring will eventually return (mid May, maybe?) but until then faking it seems like the best approach. Mary Kay is making that a bit more possible with their spring collection Light, Reinvented, which launches tomorrow. With pretty hues for eyes, lips, and nails you can't help but feel a little warmer.

Eyes are treated to two palettes of spring-like hues that evoke sunny (snow-free) days. The Eye Palettes come in square pans free of excess packaging, so you're going to need a palette to pop them into. I love that they house four coordinated shades in one compact pan. Variety at its best.

Sunlight features a mostly matte shades with a vivid pink, soft lavender, orange, and soft peach satin.

Glistening Horizon has more finish options, with a purple, an pale blue matte, royal satin-shimmer (there seems to be a shimmer over spray), and a soft champagne shimmer.

The shades all boast pretty good pigmentation, but have a softer texture than can lead to fall out. The mattes are silky and blend nicely, but definitely need a good primer for the best adhesion as the lighter formula needs something to stick to.

Lips go glossy (beauty trends are turning back to gloss, you know) with the Glossy Lip Oil that combines a non-glossy lip gloss with the benefits of grape seed, avocado, and jojoba seed oils. Hydration and colour in one with sheer to semi-opaque shades: Magenta Ray (soft fuchsia), Sheer Pink (pale milky pink), and Brilliant Violet (light pinky-purple.)

And of course, a little something for nails with four new cream Nail Lacquer shades. Each shade is undoubtedly spring-like in nature and boasts a pretty fantastic formula. Two easy coats and a super glossy shine. Vivid Sunburst (peachy-orange) is the boldest shade, with New Blue (vivid pale blue) and Luminous Mauve (pale pinky-purple) being more pastel in nature. Brilliant Violet (pink-orchid) strikes a gorgeous balance between both.

All in all, this is a fun way to ring in spring. The shades are all quite pretty, but still super wearable. The eye shadow shades are that bit different than your typical and as such inspire a different look. What do you think? Need any of these products in your makeup bag?

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