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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Loveable Gifting | FarmHouse Fresh Milk & Honey Deluxe Gift Set

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Love it or hate it, the day of overtly sweet sentiment (figuratively and literally) is upon us. I mean February 14th aka Valentine's Day, by the way. While some singletons or recently wronged may despise the day, I say take it as a day to celebrate the one you love. Be it your bestie, your mom, your cat, your actual significant other, your favourite blogger (too much?) or yourself. Yourself is important too, duh. Regardless who you're loving, make it about them. One way to do so, is with a little help from FarmHouse Fresh who are offering up some perfect gift sets.

farm house fresh milk & honey gift set (3)

farm house fresh milk & honey gift set (1)

One of which is the Milk & Honey Deluxe Gift Set. The pre-boxed set comes prettily bowed (I love a bit of bow action, myself) with two full sized FarmHouse Fresh products waiting inside.

The milk portion of this set is represented by the Sweet Cream Body Milk ($28). The rich, but not heavy lotion is housed in a cute milk-bottle type glass bottle and features the yum-tastic scent of warm, sweet milk (it's a bit vanilla-ish too.) The lotion gives a nice does of hydration to skin without feeling heavy or greasy and is formulated with rice bran, soy bean, avocado, sesame, and sweet almond oils to nourish.

farm house fresh milk & honey gift set (2)

The honey comes into play in the form of the Honey Heel Glaze ($25). The pot of amber coloured goo (it has a goo-ish texture) is a hydrating overnight serum that gives feet a major does of moisture. You brush it onto feel with the included fan brush and then pop on a pair of cotton socks. Overnight, feet are transformed and softened. Formulated with honey, which draws moisture to skin, and papaya and pineapple extracts work to exfoliate dead skin (enzymes are a beautiful thing.) Aloe is also in the mix, which soothes and heals irritated skin. They thought of everything a foot could ever want. Like most every FHF product, the serum/treatment also smells amazing, with a spicy-sweet cinnamon, clove, and honey combo (so good!)

I can't think of many who wouldn't appreciate this gift set on February 14th (or any other day, for that matter.) What do you think? Would you like to receive it? Tried these products or have any FarmHouse Fresh favourites?

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