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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The First Mask I Didn't Love? | Bliss Mask A-'Peel' Rubberizing Mask

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You may know I am a card carrying mask addict. Okay, that may not be completely true (my card hasn't arrived just yet) but I do love my masks. Any form will do, but I can't help be get a little bit extra excited about a new format. The Bliss Mask A-'Peel' Rubberizing Mask is just that. The mask... well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Read on for the rundown.

The Mask A-'Peel' Rubberizing Mask is designed to reveal radiant skin by combating dullness and uneven skin texture and tone thanks to the vitamin C enriched formula. A blend of antioxidants, bilberry, and seaweed extracts also join the fun to leave "skin instantly glowing, with evened tone and texture." As a lover of anything brightening, this mask ticks a lot of boxes.

Sold in single serve pods (available in three packs or solos) the mask is pre-measured and just needs water. The little cup is marked so you know exactly how much to add (water that is) but my mask was very stiff and didn't come together well when I added the amount shown. I added a skosh more, and the mix came together well with the little spatula. I found you have to move VERY quickly with the mix, as it starts to rubberize as soon as it's mixed.

By the time I took one quick photo and got it on my face the mask was already setting and was becoming a clumpy mess. I had a hard time getting it to spread and adhere to my face. Even as the mask started to dry on my face it just didn't want to stay on and started falling off in clumps. You're to let it sit on your face for 20 minutes, but by the ten minute mark my mask was falling off in pretty sizable pieces. As such, it didn't really seem like it was able to much for my skin. After removing what was left, and rinsing my face, it did feel a bit cleansed but I didn't see any other results.

Overall, I'd say maybe don't waste your time with this one (sorry, Bliss!) I like the idea of this mask, but it just didn't work very well for me to see results. So yea, this is one mask I'm just not into. What do you think? Have you tried this mask or anything similar? Have any masks I should try?

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