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Monday, March 20, 2017

Lip Lovin' | Marcelle Rouge Expression Velvet Lipstick & Lip Liners

marcelle rouge expression velvet gel lipstick lip liner (1)::: press sample ::: 

Happy Spring, blog fans! It's finally starting look a bit more spring-like here (if you look around the piles of snow) and it's getting warmer- I didn't need my winter coat yesterday! A small victory, but I'll take it. Of course, spring means a return to colour, so I figured today was a perfect day to chat up the new Marcelle Rouge Expression Velvet Lipstick & Lip Liners.

The new Rouge Expression Velvet range is home to five lipsticks and five lip liners, each with a gel-based formula. The Rouge Expression Velvet Lipsticks are housed in all black tubes, with the Karine Vanesse (a French-Canadian actress) signature, as she is the face of the collection. The caps aren't the greatest, as they don't clip onto the tube very well. It's not the best idea to throw on into a bag, as the cap will come off.

The lipsticks are pretty amazing otherwise though. The formula is scent and gluten free, with a lightweight, smooth texture. These apply easily, with an almost fully opaque, satiny finish with a hint of shine. 

Lipstick is undoubtedly great on its own, but add some liner and it's even better. I know I used to skip liner, but it really can make lipstick application faster and easier, but it can also add longevity. The Rouge Expression Velvet Lip Liners come in perfectly co-ordinated shades, meaning they're exact matches for the lipsticks. No more searching for a shade that kind of works with your lipstick.

Like the lipsticks, the lip liners are gel-based, which gives them a smooth and creamy feel (no waxy, stiff, and dry liner here) that applies opaque colour easily to lips. They do need rather frequent sharpening though, but it doesn't seem like a lot is wasted in the process.

As mentioned, the shades of both the lipsticks and lip liners are the same in both colour and name, which makes matching shades as easy as possible. The shades currently in the range are:
  • Pink Blossom: neutral, medium pale pink
  • Rosy Nude: medium rose-nude
  • Buff Nude: medium taupe-nude
  • Vivid Plum: red-based plum
  • Red Carpet: classic red

Bonus item!

Sometimes you just don't have a liner that works with your lipstick, or just want to prevent the chance of a gloss or lipstick feathering or bleeding. The answer? A clear liner. The Universal Anti-Feathering Lip Liner is a retractable, clear liner that works to prevent feathering. The formula is comfortable on lips and a great product to have on hand just in case.

Overall, I really love the lipsticks and liners. The shades are gorgeous, and exactly the types of shades I reach for frequently (hello, Rosy Nude and Buff Nude.) I especially like that the range is so affordable, meaning you can mix and match shades without breaking the bank. What do you think? Need any of these shades in your stash?

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