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Monday, April 3, 2017 (aka Your Monthly Sugar Fix) | March 2017 march box (1)
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In life there are few fun surprises that arrive once a month... Unlike that other one, a box is one you're actually going to look forward to. I was super excited when I found one in my mail box last week, I'm not going to lie. I have no shame in my love of candy, so the idea of finding a box with 6-7 types of candy in the mail each month is something I can fully support. The March box is packed with a pretty great selection of sweet eats, but you're going to have to read on for a closer look... march box (3)
Wonka Runts

I haven't eaten a Wonka Runt in many years, but they do bring me back to my childhood as I have fond memories of these little fruit shaped and flavoured candies. I still can't stand the bananas, but the rest are just as I remember them- apple, grape, strawberry, and orange (my personal favourite.) march box (4)
Efruitti Blue Raspberry Bottles

I've only ever had cola bottles, but the Efruitti Blue Raspberry Bottles are a very nice change. The German imports are extra chewy gummies that are incredibly fresh (the major selling point of a subscription) and have a great raspberry, sorry, blue raspberry flavour. These are the types of gummies I rarely buy, because they usually just aren't fresh (aka hard and stale), but from my experience, all of's gummies are as fresh as you could ever expect to get (aka squishy perfection.) march box (7)
Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Red Licorice

Some will say it has to be black to truly be licorice, but I am definitely not one of those people. I'll take the red please, even more so if it's Australian licorice like the Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Red Licorice. The thick pieces are the perfect combo of soft and chewy with that classic red licorice berry favour. march box (5)
Albanese Apple Rings

Normally if it's a candy ring dusted in soured sugar, I want it to be peach, but the Albanese Apple Rings aren't half bad. I'm usually lukewarm about green apple flavoured candies, but these are the perfect blend of sweet with just a bit of tart, and are so squishy and fresh.... Yeah, these are pretty good. march box (6)
Foley's Midnight Mints

You may know I am a huge fan of anything chocolate mint, so the Foley's Midnight Mints (made in Vancouver!) were very nice to see. The thin chocolate squares have a mild minty centre and were very tasty (yes, they're also very gone by this point.) march box
Neon Sour Worms

Gummy worms are a classic, but they usually aren't even very good (sorry, gummy worms, but it's true.) What are? Neon Sour Worms. They are a soft and squishy dual flavour worm (think raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and green apple) and are coated in a tangy-sweet sour sugar. Juvenile? Perhaps, but they taste pretty good anyway. march box (8)
Vanilla Caramels always adds in an extra loose candy (everything else comes in a zip top bag), and this month it's these yumtastic Vanilla Caramels. Caramels + vanilla? Two things I love, but are even better together in these chewy little cubes of buttery goodness. These may have disappeared first... march box (2)

The business of You can expect 6-7 types of candy per month (about three pounds worth) at the monthly price of $29.95 (CAD) with three ($28.95) and six ($27.95) month options also available. If every month is a little bit too sweet for you, they've recently added an every other month delivery option and lowered the shipping cost to $6.95. Now is clearly the time to subscribe if you've been considering it. Oh, I almost forgot, use code SAVE3 for $3 off your first order. currently only ships within Canada, but who knows, global takeover may happen...

Overall, I'm a fan of the service- who doesn't like candy? The quality is amazing, they include a hand written note in the top of the box for an extra special touch, and the quality is amazing. Boxes ship on the 20th of every month, so there is still time to get in on the upcoming April box, should you want a candy-gram next month. What do you think? Would you subscribe to something like this?

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