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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Sweet Tooth | Waterbridge Dolly Mix & Jelly Babies

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We're talking sweets today! Most of the previous Sweet Tooth posts have actually been rather light on actual sugar, but it's making an appearance today with two British offerings from Waterbridge- Dolly Mix and Jelly Babies. They're cute and sweet so let's get to them...

Growing up, there weren't too many occasions that I didn't give licorice allsorts to my nan. As a proper Brit, she was a huge fan. I however, am not. I've given it many tires, but just can't get down with it's particular flavour. I you're like me, and wondered why they couldn't make allsorts sans any of the black stuff, than Dolly Mix is for you.

Originating in the 1920's, Waterbridge Dolly Mix is a super sweet combo of baby-sized fondant candies and sugar coated jellies. Much like the traditional allsorts, the fondant cream has a variety of fruity and cocoa flavours. Unlike many brands, the flavours are natural, meaning there is no weird artificial aftertaste. These are however, very sweet so the smallest handful scratches any sugar craving easily.

waterbridge jelly babies (1)

A more classic, longstanding British sweet is the Jelly Baby. They've been around since the late 1800's and made their way into popular culture as a favouite sweet of both Doctor Who and George Harrison. The later was apparently pelted with them after telling the media that he liked them during the height of Beatlemania.

Waterbridge Jelly Babies are really good, so I can definitely see the appeal. The naturally colored (think spinach and nettle) and flavoured fruit jellies have a soft texture that differs from your typical North American gummy candy. Shaped like babies (kind of creepy little guys, actually...) they come in strawberry, lemon, raspberry, lime, orange, and my favourite, blackcurrant flavours. They've made me question why there aren't more blackcurrant flavored things in life...

Overall, some nice picks of when you just need a sugar hit. I love that Waterbridge imports their offerings from England, so you're getting the real deal in the traditional fashion. While they don't skimp on the sweet, they do forgo artificial flavours and colours, a commendable feat.

I buy my Waterbridge from (highly recommended, and they do ship to the US) but I have spied them on Amazon, London Drugs, and a few online candy retailers. What do you think? Are you a British candy fan? Tried these or want to?

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