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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nearly Naked? | Rimmel Magnif' Eyes Shadow Eyeshadow Contouring Palettes

rimmel magnif eyes shadow eyeshadow contouring palette (2)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

When I was in eight grade, my class went on a three day trip to Ottawa (our nation's capital) and in preparation for said trip, my mom equipped me with her Zeller's card (a now defunct department store) to buy necessities I'd need while she did other shopping. The basics, like travel size toiletries, a new pair of pajamas blah blah blah and some new makeup. Obviously, the best part of my shopping trip was the makeup. I remember selecting a CoverGirl trio that had a shimmery (actually, I think they all had some sort of frost/shimmer) selection of baby pink, lilac, and a deeper purple. I loved it! I don't think I ever used more than one shade at a time, but still. I paired it with chocolate brown liner, Marcelle mascara and was the most styling of all my class. What was the point in all that? Nothing much really, other than to say I appreciate how far drugstore eyeshadow has come since 1999.

The Rimmel Magnif' Eyes Shadow Eyeshadow Contouring Palettes (sorry Rimmel, that name is terrible) feature twelve shadows in an array of neutral-type shades across the three palettes. It's clear from first glance that these palettes have a certain look based on the layout and shade selection. They feel a bit under-dressed, naked one could say... We'll get to that in a bit more detail momentarily.

The palettes are housed in a pretty basic plastic compact. While it's relatively cheap, it does have a secure closure, so at least you know there will be no accidents if these get shuffled about. Inside are two sponge tip applicators and the twelve shadows, arranged by way of lightest, to mid tones, to deepest. The back of the palette features a guide to said layout, and diagrams for using the shadows based on your eye type. A handy guide if you're not used to a large palette and need a bit of direction.

As far as overall quality goes, these palettes fare pretty well, much better than you'd expect given their price-point. As such, the trade off is you're mostly getting frosty, shimmer shades and only a few mattes across the board (with one palette only having a single true matte shade.) Pigmentation is pretty good, although the frost/shimmers swatch more impressively than they apply. They are more sheer when applied, and need to be built up to get their true effect. A damp brush helps even more so. Many of the lighter shades also have little differentiation, making for some unnecessary shades should you pick up more than one palette.

Of the three palettes, we may as well start with 001 Keep Calm & Wear Gold. As the name implies, the shades are centered around golds with a contrasting/complementing shades as to make for a cohesive shade selection. This palette most resembles the shades found in the original UD Naked palette.

if it's rosier hues you're into, 002 London Nudes Calling is for you with a selection of rosier golds and corresponding deeper shades. This is the palette that only features on true matte- the fourth shade in. A semi-mate (it contains micro glitter) comes into play but that's all. As you've likely deduced, this palette is serving up UD Naked 3 vibes.

rimmel 002 london nudes eye look
002 London Nudes Calling eye look (featuring House Of Lashes x Sephora Everlasting Lashes)

While this palette is lacking mattes, the rose gold shades that make up the mid-tone options are gorgeous! They definitely need to be worn over a good primer as they fade pretty quickly otherwise, but do give a nice pop, especially when paired with a deeper crease for contrast.

Rounding out the palettes, 003 Grunge Glamour which features a more interesting range of shades. The overall feel is smokey, but you get more blue and grey shades (plus a purple) that cane make for more than just a basic black based smokey look. This palette features the most mattes, but sadly, quite a few of them end up reading very similarly on the eye. Again, you've likely made the connection already, but this palette has a vague UD Naked Smokey feel.

Overall, these palettes aren't too bad, but aren't exactly perfect either. Those who a are newer to makeup or on a tighter budget will appreciate them, as the quality is much better than many other shadows at this price-point. I know teen-aged me would have loved them.You can definitely create gorgeous looks, but these palettes are not without their slight downfalls. What do you think? tried these or want to? Do you have any fave budget palettes?

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