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Friday, May 5, 2017

Quo | New in Beauty 2017

quo new beauty 2017::: press sample :::

I like a bit of luxury makeup just as much as any other beauty fan, but I still know my roots- drugstore brands. I cringe when I see drugstore beauty get a bad wrap. Is it all amazing? No, but if you do your research you can find some great products, and with enough coin saved to splurge on a little high end stuff if that itch still needs scratching. One brand that bridges the gap between drugstore and department is Quo. The SDM house brand has recently added a bevvy of new products to their range and they don't disappoint.

quo nourish & prime hydrating primer Quo makeup setting sprayQuo Nourish & Prime Hydrating Primer 28 ml $24 CAD | Quo Makeup Setting Spray 50 ml 
$19 CAD

When it come to priming, I like to load up on various forms of moisture, so the Quo Nourish & Prime Hydrating Primer instantly grabbed my attention. The creamy felling primer gives skin a bit of added hydration when applied and also leaves a silky feel on skin but without any heavy, silicone-y feel.

A setting spray is always handy, and the Quo Makeup Setting Spray (simply named, as it is) works well to both set makeup and take down any powdery-ness left on skin post application. I find it hard to tell if a setting spray is truly effective, but I have enjoyed misting this on as it does seem to make easy fading products (like blush and highlight) stick around a bit longer and gives a slightly mattified finish.

quo concealer palette (1)quo concealer palette (2)Quo Concealer Palette 7.2 g $19 CAD

I tend not to be one for cream palettes, but the Quo Concealer Palette has pleasantly surprised me. The four section palette is home to four concealer shades that boast a very pigmented formula and a super creamy feel. When I first dipped into a shade, I expected a firmer, stiff texture, but no. The concealer shave a super creamy, easy blending texture that is really nice. The soft, creamy texture blends beautifully on skin, but definitly needs to be well set under the eyes to avoid creasing.

The palette seems to only be available in one shade option, which includes shades that will suit light to medium depth skin. I find the formula blends well, so you can easily blend shades together for a custom match, with lighter toned users being able to contour with the deeper options as well.

quo matte bronzer in light tan quo bronzer duo in south beach (1)quo matte bronzer in light tan quo bronzer duo in south beach (2)Quo Matte Bronzer in Light Tan 10 g $19 CAD | Quo Bronzer Duo in South Beach 10 g $19 CAD

I'll admit, I rarely seek out bronzer and wouldn't look to many drugstore brands to have a good shade range for my lighter skin, but Quo has a range of bronzers that will suit almost all. The Quo Matte Bronzer range includes two shades- Light Tan and Medium Tan- has a matte formula that gives a natural warmth to skin. I have the Light Tan shade that has a milk chocolate tone that gives warmth to skin without being too deep or too orange. The formula is easily diffused or built up on skin for a subtle or full on effect depending on your bronzey preferences.

The Quo Bronzer Duo features a similar bronzer shade, but with the added dot of blush in the centre. Available in two shades- South Beach (pink) and Golden Glow (gold)- the bronzer takes on a slight hue of it's core shade when swirled together. You could use the shades separately, but the inner dot is a bit small for applying with a typical cheek brush.

quo blush duo classic pink (2)quo blush duo classic pink (1)Quo Blush Duo in Classic Pink 7 g $16 CAD

If brozner isn't your deal, the Quo Blush Duo might just strike your fancy. The adorable blushes feature a dot of a second shade in their centre. Available in three shades- Just Blush, Peach Perfect, and Classic Pink there is a shade for all tastes. I have Classic Pink which combines a slightly radiant cool pink centre with a matte muted pink outer ring. The pigmentation is soft, but buildable to create a pretty flush on skin. Not going to lie. I kind of want the other two shades too...

quo  radial blur translucent powderQuo Radial Blur Translucent Powder 12.2 g $18 CAD

Touch ups are a part of most makeup wearers lives, especially come warmer weather wherein skin can get a bit out of hand (aka an oil slick.) The Quo Radial Blur Translucent Powder is a pressed powder (perfect for tossing in a bag) that offers a lightweight, finely milled, smooth texture for softening imperfections (think pores and fine lines) with a semi-matte finish. The light powder is great for setting makeup and throughout the day touch ups as it's completely invisible on skin and can be touched up without getting cakey or dry.

quo lip velour diva, envy, vixen (2)quo lip velour diva, envy, vixenQuo Lip Velour in Diva, Envy, and Vixen 7 ml $14 CAD

Lastly, a bit of liquid lipstick. The Quo Lip Velours are easy to look past in their small packaging, but they boast a pretty great formula and some trendy shades. Housed in small tube packaging with brush applicators, these have a thinner texture than most liquid lipsticks. They take a moment longer to fully dry down, but when they do they're completely matte but not cloyingly dry feeling. I was majorly impressed.

The range currently has six shades, of which I have Diva (rose-nude), Envy (orange-red) and Vixen (red wine). I always love a nude, but the rosy hue of Diva is an instant hit with me. Envy, isn't my preferred type of shade, but it will suit tanned or deeper skin tones really well. Vixen is my unexpected favourite, and a shade I've been wearing non-stop. I don't have much experience with drugstore liquid lipsticks, but these are truly worth collecting if you love a matte lip.

Overall, some really great products to check out next time you're at Shoppers Drug Mart. I highly recommend the Lip Velours, but you can't miss with any of these products. What do you think? Have any favourite Quo products? Interested in any of these?

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