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Friday, May 12, 2017

Sound & Style | Sudio Regent Headphones

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If we travelled back in time to the fateful day I started this blog, we'd discover it was almost a music blog. That is what I was leaning to when its name I Know all the Words was birthed. A fitting name for a music blog, but also the phrase from a Tegan and Sara song that was rattling around in my head that day (or month... it's from a great song.) While my music ideas were taken over by beauty, my music love still stands, which is why I was thrilled to test out another offering from Sudio Sweden.

You may remember the Sudio earphones I featured a few months ago. I love the portability of earphones/earbuds, but when it comes to really getting into am album, over the ear headphones will always win. The Sudio Regent are made for serious listening. With their ultra padded ear pieces and headband, they offer comfort and an impressively cushy feel. The headband is roomy and comfortable, but easily sizeable via a sliding mechanism for the perfect fit. They're not stated as being noise-cancelling, but the padded fit around the ears works well at keeping unwanted background noise out. The style can be on the bulkier side, should you want to use them on the go, but the ear pieces do fold into the band to make stashing them a bit less cumbersome.

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Available in both black and white- I went with black because my hair dye often transfers, making headphones not so white over time- the Regent headphones are equipped with Bluetooth, making them a wireless headset for use with compatible phones, tablets, etc. They also include a detachable cord for use with any device you so wish (so long as it has a headphone jack.) For use with Bluetooth, the headphones are charged via USB, and hold a charge for 24 hours of active use (2e ready to go out of the box on a mere ten minutes (for a quick charge) or 120 for a full charge. I love that these last so long on a charge, as there is little more annoying than syncing headphones and only getting a few minutes of use out of them because you forgot to charge them. I'm very good at forgetting.

sudio regent headphones black (4)

All of the necessary controls can be found on the right hand (or ear, actually) side. As outlined above, you have everything at the touch of a button including volume control. The removable cord (for non-Bluetooth devices) is found on the left ear piece and long enough that you don't feel completely tethered when using the headphones corded.

So, solid black headphones do have a chicness, but Sudio has a clever little way of adding some extra style to your Regents. How? Caps! The headphones come with solid black caps with a simple gold stripe, but you can purchase decorative Headphone Caps that slide and pop onto the ear pieces. I went with White Marble because I didn't really care for the look of the black (which is also available) and I'm basic enough to love white marble. There is also a blue or pink feather/tropical leaf print should you want a pop of colour.

Overall, I am very happy with these earphones. The overall quality is exceptional, but my favourite feature is that they hold a charge for so long! The only downside I've found, is that I can only wear these for a few hours at a time. The way ear pieces come together (as you can, they come towards each other when not in use) causes pressure on my head and can result in a headache.

Sudio is offering 15% off any purchases with the code bailey15, and includes free world-wide shipping on all orders. With graduation season and upcoming Father's Day (Mother's too, but she'll have to wait for delivery) Sudio could take care of a lot of your gifting. What do you think? Could you use new headphones? Are you an in-ear or over the ear headphone fan?

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