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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Sweet Tooth | Triple Goodness Dark Chocolate Bark

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It's pretty safe to say chocolate is beloved by most. I know, there are the allergic and the few who say they don't like it (really?) but when it comes down to it, most everyone can appreciate chocolate. I am pretty open to chocolate in all forms, but dark chocolate is my usual go to. The perfect balance of bitter and sweet? Yes, please! Thing is, there can be a fair bit of added sugar in some, and sometimes you want that bit of sweet without all the not-quite-so-good for you stuff too. Triple Goodness gets it, and have a great solution in their Dark Chocolate Bark. 

Healthy chocolate does exist, and can be pretty good if you go into things with an open mind (aka don't expect it to taste like a Snickers bar.) The Triple Goodness Dark Chocolate Bark is made with, you guessed it, dark chocolate, but includes a blend of chia, quinoa, flax, and hemp throughout to give it some texture and a bit of crunch. The dark chocolate is sweetened, but these are much less sweet than your typical chocolate. Meaning, if you're not a dark chocolate fan, these may not be for you.

Available in four flavours- Toasted Oats, Maple Flax, Sea Salt Coconut, and Banana Chip- the bark has better nutritional stats than one expects on their average chocolate. Four pieces of bark (aka 50 g) boasts clean ingredients, is gluten free, and:
  • High in iron: as much iron as one and a half servings of beef
  • 6 g of fibre: as much as three servings of broccoli
  • 5 g of protein: the same as one medium egg
  • 2.5 g of omega-3: the same as two servings of salmon

triple goodness coconut banana dark chocolate bark (4)

Of the four flavours, I tried the Sea Salt Coconut and Banana Chip bark. I am all about coconut so it was an obvious choice and really, how bad can the combo of banana chips and dark chocolate be?

Sea Salt Coconut features a healthy sprinkling of coconut flakes on top of the bark and a little pop of sea salt throughout. The salt is a nice addition to the chocolate and not overpowering. The coconut flavour is pretty mild (I think toasted coconut would work better) but overall works well.

Banana Chip didn't end up being my favourite. It's no fault of the bark, I just don't like bananas much. I usually like banana chips, as they tend to have a milder banana taste, but these bad boys have a very real banana vibe going on (almost as if they're freeze dried.) That said, I can see these being quite popular with those who like bananas more than I do.

triple goodness coconut banana dark chocolate bark (3)

Overall, I love that these squash a chocolate craving (added bonus: hemp is said to reduce PMS symptoms) and that a serving of four has so much nutritional value. Oh, and how could I forget... Triple Goodness, being a Canadian company, use Canadian ingredients wherever possible (think the oats, flax, hemp, and even hand made Vancouver sea salt.) Triple Goodness is available at select stores in Canada and online from If you're planning on ordering, I suggest doing it now though, or you'll have to wait until the fall as Well stops shipping chocolate during the summer months. Nobody wants a melted mess.

So, what do you think? Are you a dark chocolate fan? Would you or have you tried these?

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