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Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Monthly Candy Box | May 2017 may (2)::: press sample :::

Unofficial tradition mandates the blog week to start with makeup, but I'm feeling rebellious today. Let's start with dessert, yes? I was sent a very fun little (actually no, it's fairly large) box that happens to be the May box. Want a closer look at what you can find inside? Sure you do... may (3)
Sixlets Shimmer Princess Mix, Allan Wine Gums & Jelly Belly Green Apple Jelly Beans may (4)
Mini Sour Watermelon Slices, Efrutti Orange Slices & Efruitti Sour Bubblegum Bottles

I don't think I've yet to get a disappointing selection from, but this moth was quite good overall with a bunch of super fresh gummies in the mix. The selection includes:
  • Sixlets Shimmer Princess Mix -  these are so adorable with their pearlesent finish and malty chocolate core.
  • Allan Wine Gums - a chewy, fruity gummy with a more adult taste and much denser texture.
  • Jelly Belly Green Apple Jelly Beans - JB is clearly the queen (or is it king?) of jelly beans and they're so good I don't even mind the green apple ones. That says a lot as I'm not usually into green apple flavoured anything.
  • Mini Sour Watermelon Slices - a super fruity mini watermelon candy dusted with mild sour sugar. I found these too realistic (I don't like watermelon) but they were devoured by a watermelon loving friend.
  • Efrutti Orange Slices - an interesting dual-texture gummy with a fluffier white base and transparent gummy top. Super fresh and a nice, not overly sweet orange taste.
  • Efuitti Sour Bubblegum Bottles - another sour dusted gummy, but with an interesting sweet bubblegum flavour. I don't typically care for bubblegum, but these were surprisingly great. may (1)

While all of the other candies come in zip-top bags, there is always an extra candy strewn about the box. This month, it's the Canadian classic (made in Newmarket, ON) Rockets! I know, if you're American you call these Smarties, but here Smarties are a candy-coated chocolate (kind of like M&Ms but flatter, and in brighter colours.)

Onto the business of You can expect 6-7 types of candy per month (about three pounds worth) at the monthly price of $29.95 (CAD) with three ($28.95) and six ($27.95) month options also available. If every month is a little bit too sweet for you, they've recently added an every other month delivery option and lowered the shipping cost to $6.95. Now is clearly the time to subscribe if you've been considering it. Oh, I almost forgot, use code SAVE3 for $3 off your first order. currently only ships within Canada, but who knows, global takeover may happen...

Overall, I'm a fan of the service- who doesn't like candy? The quality is amazing, they include a hand written note in the top of the box for an extra special touch. Boxes ship on the 20th of every month, so there is still time to get in on the upcoming June box, should you want a candy-gram next month. What do you think? Would you subscribe to something like this?

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