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Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Candy Makes You Happy" | Yum Yum Candy Box July 2017

YUM YUM candy box (2)::: press sample :::

"Candy makes you happy." A simple but spot on motto from the candy loving people at Yum Yum Candy. Yum Yum Candy is a (literally) sweet, Canadian based subscription service that ships a monthly selection of candy from around the world to your door. Kind of fun, right?

YUM YUM candy box (1)

I was sent the July We-Joy box which includes 12-15 full size candies (the I-Joy includes 7-10) that have been curated by Yum Yum Candy's candy experts. They choose an assortment of flavours from around the world that are either "unique, retro, hard-to-find or they can simply be ridiculously yummy."

The box includes a menu sticker on the inner lid with a bit of info about each item and the country of origin. My candies hailed from the US, Canada, UK, and Netherlands, but selection will vary each month. My candy selection includes:

  • Pizza Gummy Candy
  • Lion Peanut Bar
  • Hershey's Mr. Goodbar 
  • Cadbury Chomp
  • Mike & Ike Root Beer Chews
  • Sour Razzles
  • Sweet & Sour Super Blow Pop
  • Licorice Pipe
  • Cotton Candy Pop Rocks
  • Candy Land Milk Bottles
  • Banana Turkish Taffy
  • 2 1/4" Jawbreaker

YUM YUM candy box (4)Yum Yum Candy Box- fun for the whole family

I think only the grouchiest of types can't be perked up by a little sugar, so the Yum Yum Candy Box is likely going to be a hit with just about anyone. The assortment of candy is great- a few things I had heard of but never tried, classics, and new-to-me options- without having to do any of the leg work sourcing them yourself. Yum Yum Candy offers various options for subscription (1, 3, 6. and 12 month intervals) plus gift subscriptions, so there is something for all. Overall, a fun box to find in your mail box! What do you think? Know any candy fans who would love this? 

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