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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Monthly Candy Box | July 2017 box july (3)::: press sample / affiliate links :::

Given everything ailing the world, is it okay to take a few moments to talk about something as simple as candy? I'm not exactly sure, but I would like to think a bit of candy chat is a nice break from everything else you're likely reading and watching. So, back to the goods... I was recently sent the July box and, as per usual, it's bursting with a fun selection of sugar-laden offerings. box july (1) box july (4) box july (7) box july (5) box july (2) box july (8) box july (6)

The July Box does not disappoint. Granted, every box comes filled with a selection of 6-7 candies (about three pound worth) so there is always plenty for sharing. You know, if you're so inclined... Anyway, the candies this month were really good. Like, this might be one of my favourite boxes yet. The best part of the candy in a Candy.cs box is that it is always unbelievably fresh. You've likely never had gummy candies as fresh as what they offer (I know I haven't).

Okay, what you're really interested in, the candy:
  • Sour Power Berry Blue Belts: a sour, blue-raspberry gummy strip. These were exceptionally sour and a nice punch.
  • Vidal Red Spicy Peppers: I was hesitant about these, but the fruity peppers are so good! They have a bit of heat (kind of like cinnamon hearts, but not cinnamon in flavour) and a dual-gummy texture.
  • RazzMatazz Rainbow Spaghetti: like sour gummy worms, but in a long, thin spaghetti shape.
  • Orange & Strawberry Soda Bottles: these don't look like anything all that special, but they're so fresh they melt in your mouth... Plus, the realistic fruit flavours add to the experience.
  • Sour Poppers: they great you with a little happy face (cute!) and a mix of sour fruit flavours (cherry, lemon, apple, blue raspberry, and orange).
  • Fini Red & Black Berries: raspberry and blackberry flavoured centres covered in candy seeds... So good! They have a crunchy meets chewy thing going on that is surprisingly perfect.
  • Allan's English & Rum Flavour Toffee: there is a loose candy strewn about in each box (everything else comes in resealable bags) and these chewy little guys are it. These get the sentimental prize, as I remember my mom bringing home bags of these to put out for Christmas.

Overall, a pretty great selection! I was won over by the peppers and the berries, but as mentioned, the quality of the candy makes everything appealing if you're a candy fan.

Onto the business of A monthly subscription is $29.95 (CAD) with three ($28.95) and six ($27.95) month options also available. If every month is a little bit too sweet for you, they've recently added an every other month delivery option and lowered the shipping cost to $6.95. Now is clearly the time to subscribe if you've been considering it. Oh, I almost forgot, use code SAVE3 for $3 off your first order, or use my link (referral) and save 10%. currently only ships within Canada, but who knows, global takeover may happen...

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