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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Foamy Fun | Avon Skin So Soft Oil-Infused Shower Foam

avon skin so soft oil-infused shower foam (3)::: press sample :::

As a blogger, and beauty fan in general, I often feel like I've seen just about everything. I mean, at this point, how many truly new products can the powers that be create? Well, as it is, at least one more. Avon has made showers a bit more fun & foamy (and hydrating) with their newest Skin So Soft offering...

avon skin so soft oil-infused shower foam (1)avon skin so soft oil-infused shower foam (2)

And just what is that offering? Good question. The Skin So Soft Oil-Infused Shower Foam (insert your oohs and ahhs here) which takes your average body wash but turns it into a light, fluffy foam with the hydrating power of oil. I was super intrigued by this concept, and can report they are pretty amazing.

As you may know, the Skin So Soft range is home to the classic Avon oils (bath oil was the first cult fave but more varieties have been added over the years.) Those oils are the inspiration for these new foams with a formula featuring argan oil, sunflower seed oil, keratin, and vitamin E. The shower foams come in the coordinating Skin So Soft scents, but I find them to be very subtle and don't linger on the skin. The range includes:
  • Original: fresh herbal
  • Supreme Nourishment: macadamia & vanilla
  • Radiant Moisture: peony & musk
  • Soft & Sensual: spicy floral

avon skin so soft oil-infused shower foam
Foamy goodness!

As mentioned, the foam is a light, fluffy wash that pumps out of the bottle all fluffy and ready to go (I don't even bother using a pouff). The foam cleanses perfectly with a gentle effect and rinses cleanly. It's not until you rinse that you realize this isn't your average shower product. Upon rinsing, skin feels super smooth and hydrated but without a tell-tale oil slick feel. It's kind of magical, actually and a nice spin on foaming formulas that have a tenancy to be drying.

Overall, I am a huge fan of these! Supreme Nourishment is my favourite (hello, macadamia & vanilla scent!) but as mentioned, the scents are so soft, that you can't go wrong with any of them. What do you think? Tried these or want to? Have you tired any interesting new products lately?

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