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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Very Kitty Christmas | Paul & Joe Beauté Holiday 2017

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Are you trying to be a more organized, productive human? If you answered yes, I have the best tip you'll ever hear: don't get a kitten. As you may know, I got a cute little calico kitten (non-dilute this time) a month or so ago. Is she absolutely adorable?  You bet. Is she complete chaos almost every minute she's awake? You double bet. I've had a few cats over the course of my life, but none have been quite as trying as little Bertie. She makes every task take just a little lot longer and makes life just a bit messier. But, she's not the cat you're here for. Today it's all about the frolicking felines that adorn the Paul & Joe Beauté Holiday 2017 Collection.

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 makeup
Paul & Joe Beauté Makeup Collection 2017 $64 CAD

Since the cats are likely drawing you in, we'll start with the Paul & Joe Makeup Collection 2017. The gift set is all about the playful kitten and bird print as it is featured on... everything. The printed box is home to a matching printed pouch, which features three limited edition makeup items, also clad in varying forms of the kitten print. Inside the pouch you get:

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 makeup  (4)

Shimmering Blush (3g) a gorgeous, softly shimmering pinky-coral blush. Not the most unique shade, but the blush formula is amazingly smooth and easy wearing. It is imprinted with the signature P&J chrysanthemum flower and has a soft, floral scent to match.

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 makeup  (1)

Eye Gloss (5.8 ml) not, not a lip gloss, but a liquid eyeshadow. The beige-gold shadow has a shimmery finish that gives just a wash of colour and shine to lids as it blends out to be mostly just shimmer. While this does set to be budge proof, so it fares well as a base for other shadows.  

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 makeup  (3)

Lipstick Limited (3 g) the star of the set really, and oh-so hard to swatch (I really didn't want to!) as the little cat face within is just so cute. The lipstick features a balmy-like outer ring with a juicy, cherry shade cat in the centre. The jelly-balm contains gold flecks, but they don't seem to be visible when wearing the lipstick. The shade us undoubtedly holiday-appropriate and wears especially easily as the lipstick has a balmy texture that says comfortable on lips for hours.

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 makeup  (2)Paul & Joe Beauté Makeup Collection Eye Gloss, Shimmering Blush & Lipstick Limited

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 sparkling primer (1)
Paul & Joe Beauté Sparkling Foundation Primer 30 ml $40 CAD

If cats aren't your thing (umm, what's wrong with you?!) the holiday offerings also include the Paul & Joe Beauté Sparkling Foundation Primer. The water-gel primer comes housed in typical P&J style, in a weighty, vintage-feeling bottle equipped with a convenient pump.

paul & joe beaute holiday 2017 sparkling primer (2)

The primer has a very light, watery-gel consistency, which is home to a sparse spattering of gold shimmer/glitter. The glitter looks extremely cute in the bottle, but I wasn't so sure this was something I really wanted to slather on my non-teenage face... The shimmer does show as such when first applied, but once makeup is applied on top, they really aren't visible.

As for the formula, it's water based and is incredibly lightweight, non-greasy, and more like a light hydrating serum than typical primer. While it does contain some silicone, it lacks any true smoothing or blurring capabilities one may expect. Instead, it lightly plumps and hydrates skin with added ingredients like glycerin, orange flower water, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and white lily extract. It also has a light, floral scent, but it's is very soft and doesn't linger.

Overall, some incredibly cute holiday items, especially if you happen to be a cat lover or have one on your shopping list. In Canada, the Holiday 2017 Paul & Joe Beauté Collection will be available starting November 2017 online at and in stores at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

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