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Thursday, October 5, 2017 Anniversary Box | September 2017 subscription box september 2017 (9)::: press sample / affiliate link :::

*Brushes away cobwebs* Ahem. let's see if I can remember how to do this... You may have noticed it's been a few since my last post, but life. That's it, just life. And not the super exciting, aren't you jealous kind of life, the one that barges in and has a way of obliterating any sense of order. You've been there. That said, it was perfect timing for the September box, because candy most definitely makes things better. Plus, it's's birthday, so you know it's going to be extra good (and, spoiler, it is!) subscription box september 2017 (8) subscription box september 2017 (4) subscription box september 2017 (6) subscription box september 2017 (1) subscription box september 2017 (5) subscription box september 2017 (3) subscription box september 2017 (2) subscription box september 2017 (7)

As mentioned, the September Box marks a year of what is literally one of the sweetest subscription boxes. To mark the occasion, they're sticking to what they know (candy, obvioulsy) and have added extra goodies in this month's box (more on that in a moment.) Granted, every box comes filled with a selection of 6-7 candies (about three pound worth) so there is always plenty for sharing. You know, if you're so inclined... Anyway, the candies this month were really good. The best part of the candy in a Candy.cs box is that it is always unbelievably fresh. You've likely never had gummy candies as fresh as what they offer (I know I haven't).

Okay, what you're really interested in, the candy:

  • Marshmallow Foam Peaches: I am a major fan of peach flavoured anything, but these are exceptionally good. A soft, foamy candy with a fresh peach flavour? yes, please!
  • Vidal Rainbow Delight: a fruity, rainbow licorice-like candy stick with a soft fondant filling.  
  • efrutti Green Frogs: a fruity bubblegum flavoured gummy with a squishy, marshmallow base. I'm not a big fan of bubblegum for the most part, but these were surprisingly good.
  • Vidal Jumbo Strawberries: big gummy and marshmallow-like candies with a fresh strawberry taste... So good!
  • Allen Sour Grape Slices: a little sour to balance things out with these grapey gummies. Super fresh and the perfect blend of sour and sweet.
  • Doubble Bubble Cry Baby Gum: there is usually a loose candy every month, but this month we were treated to some classic sour gum.
  • Raspberryshots: a super sour, raspberry gummy from Sweden. These have a firmer texture and are quite sour, but really quite good.
  • Sugar Dipped Strawberries: the special bonus candy this month are these large, sugar coated strawberries from Scandinavia. Super fresh(as to be expected) with a sweet, realistic strawberry flavour.

Overall, a pretty great selection! I was won over by the peaches and strawberries (both kinds), but as mentioned, the quality of the candy makes everything appealing if you're a candy fan.

Onto the business of A monthly subscription is $29.95 (CAD) with three ($28.95) and six ($27.95) month options also available. If every month is a little bit too sweet for you, they've recently added an every other month delivery option and lowered the shipping cost to $6.95. Now is clearly the time to subscribe if you've been considering it. Oh, I almost forgot, use code SAVE3 for $3 off your first order, or use my link (referral) and save 10%. currently only ships within Canada, but who knows, a global takeover may happen...

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