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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Healthy & Happy Hair | Kerastase Aura Botanica

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When it comes to hair care, some brands just do it better. Once of such brands? Kerastase. Prior to my first use a few years ago, I assumed the brand was mostly hype. I was wrong. At the time my hair was quite damaged, but their famous conditioner (you likely know the one) was one of the few products that really made a difference in my hair. Kerastase instantly had my respect. So, you can see why I was kind of thrilled to get my hands on their newest collection: Aura Botanica.

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The Kerastase Aura Botanica collection is a bit different than the usual Kerastase offerings as this range is of 98% natural origin (that last 2% is to 'ensure olfactory, sensorial, and formulaic satisfactory') made with hand pressed argan and coconut oils, responsibly sourced actives, and no silicone or sulphates. Impressive, right? The idea behind the range is that it creates 'nude hair' meaning it's left uncoated with no residue. Just 'resplendent, glowing hair, reawakened to its natural beauty.'

First up, shampoo. The Aura Botanica Shampoo Bain Micellaire is a gentle cleansing shampoo with a blend of natural origin surfactants that actually work into a rather generous lather. As you may know, many sulphate-free shampoos lack lather, but in this formula they've been replaced with surfactant agents derived from coconut and sugar. The result is a light, easy rinsing lather that leaves hair feeling fully cleansed but not stripped. Plus, what may just be most important, this smells incredible! It's fresh and a bit fruity thanks to sweet orange essential oil.

Now, I was a bit bummed to see that this range doesn't have a mask, but the Aura Botanica Conditioner Soin Fundamental makes up for it. With a thicker than your usual texture, but still lighter than a mask, this conditioner offers up a rich level of hydration and added shine for dull hair. I love that this does such a great job detangling (even my shorter hair tangles with a mere drop of water) and that it's not weighty or too intense for regular use.

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It just won't be right to chat Kerastase without an oil (or two). The Aura Botanica Oil Concentre Essentiel is a multi-use oil that can be used on both hair and skin. With a formula containing Samoan coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, avocado, jojoba and sweet orange oil and rosemary extract to boost shine, nutrition, and softness. The oil is super concentrated, so a few drops are all that is needed on damp hair, but you can also use this in the conditioner for more hydration, as an overnight pre-wash treatment and on cuticles or extra dry skin.

Oil two, aka the Aura Botanica Oil Essence D'Eclat is a lighter weight, bi-phase mist that combines the same blend in the with Oil Concentre Essentiel with a Damascus rose floral water. The light spray still works to add shine, reduce frizz, and leave hair more manageable but also protects hair (up to 230°C) during heat styling. I use this oil most often on my hair as I love the effect and that its lighter texture doesn't weight hair down for weekly styling.

Overall, I can't say enough about these products! They are all excellent for those looking for naturally gorgeous hair. I love that everything is colour-safe and designed to work with most hair types. What do you think? Could your hair use anything from this range?

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