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Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Glitz on a Budget | Hard Candy Holiday 2017

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If there is only one season of the year where one can fully immerse themselves in glitter, it has to be the holidays. A little glitter injection never hurts a celebration, right? Hard Candy is all about that shimmery life, but also believe you can achieve that glittery perfection without spending a ton. As such, they have a quite a few glitzy options in their large array of holiday offerings...

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Hard Candy Seize the Sparkle 4 Piece Collection $4.97 CAD

Nails are clearly a great way to add glitter and shimmer to yourself, and the Seize the Sparkle 4 Piece Collection does just that. With three polishes in varying finishes, you can mix and match for your desired holiday mani. The set also features a really cute metallic silver makeup bag with paint drips, which I really love.

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The polishes are nameless, but the set includes:
  • pink-chrome metallic: a major stunner and almost perfect in one coat. This set is worth this shade alone (2 coats)
  • deep red-plum cream: the lone shimmer-less shade, but very nicely pigmented and easy to apply (2 coats)
  • pink & holo glitter: this is best as a topper on either of the shades as it has a clear bade, but it gives a nice glimmer on nails thanks to the holo pieces (dabbed on)

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A sparkle in your and glitter on the lid... Okay, so it's not quite a saying, but it works. Glitter, chrome and neutral shades are served up the Look Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palettes. The mini eight pan palettes come housed in reusable metal tins (they're a great size for eyeliners) and offer an array of really pretty, wearable shades across the three offerings.

hard candy glitter eyes (2)hard candy glitter eyes (1)Hard Candy Look Pro Mini Glitter Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

The Glitter Eyes palette features, you guessed it, eight glitter shades... kind of. The shadows look quite glittery in their pans, but the glitter is actually an over-spray, which means you get a pop of glitter on the first use, but not so much afterwards. The shadows are super buttery and very nicely pigmented shimmers, but for a true pop of glitter, this is not going to get there.

Metal Eyes features what Hard Candy calls 'chrome' shadows, but they're basically metallic shimmer shades. They do give more sheen and pop when applied wet, however. A few of these shades are a bit less pigmented, but do build quite easily and blend really well. Okay, like amazing well if you factor in the fact that the palette is only $3.

hard candy neutral eyes (1)hard candy neutral eyes (2)

As we all know, glitter shades alone do not an eye look make. The Neutral Eyes palette works well as an add on with the shimmers and glitters in the other palettes since a few mattes, and satins are in the mix. The formula suffers some in the matte finish however, and needs building to reach the pigmentation level most of us want.

Setting spray is always handy, but even more so if you're going to be applying/sporting glitter and shimmers. The Sheer Envy Long Wear Setting Spray is great for boosting glitter and shimmer shadows when applying them wet (for more foil-y goodness, obviously) but also to set a look and keep everything locked and loaded. The mini bottle is also great for stashing in a makeup bag and traveling with instead of a larger full-format bottle.

Overall, some fun holiday offerings for younger beauty fans and anyone who wants a bit of glimmer and shine, but doesn't want to commit to full-on makeup purchases. Hard Candy is exclusively available in Walmart across Canada and the US. What do you think? Will your holiday makeup routine feature sparkle this year?

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