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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Luxe for Less | Kristin Ess Hair

Kristin Ess Hair
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As a blogger, I've found I go through seasons where one particular product is the most abundant. This Spring, it seems like everything has gone to hair. I've been testing and trialing so many new products it's almost ridiculous (in the best way, clearly.) There has been a constant stream of new products in and out of my shower, but the ones that have sped their way into my heart? Kristin Ess.

My American readers (hey!) are likely already some-what familiar with the Kristin Ess range, as its been available at Target for the past year, but her luxe-meets-budget collection has just launched in Canada, exclusive to If you're a regular reader you've also likely read my love of Well. so it's a match made in product heaven for me. Anyway, Kristin Ess is a well-known celebrity hair stylist and colourist (think Lauren Conrad & Lucy Hale) who is hailed as being the one to start lob craze. Her range is designed to bring luxury quality haircare at an affordable price point.

Kristin Ess Hair signature shampoo conditioner

It's rare that a shampoo & conditioner wow me from the first use, but The One Signature Shampoo & Conditioner were love at first lather. I often struggle with shampoo as so many aren't colour-safe or are, but kind of suck. I'm happy to report all of the products in the Kristin Ess range are SLS free and perfectly suited for coloured hair, plus they feature the brand's proprietary 'Zip-Up' complex designed to seal split ends, target weak spots, ans smooth the appearance of damaged cuticles while working to protect hair from environmental streesors and colour fade.

The shampoo is a delight as it works to both perfectly clean hair AND leaves it lightly hydrated and shiny. I can't tell you how many colour safe options just don't clean well (without using a LOT of product) or leave hair feeling dull and lifeless. You can feel the difference in the shower post-rinse as hair feels smoother. Of course, there is the conditioner follow-up, which is just as impressive. With a ligther feeling formula, it rinses really well (and doesn't take ages to do so) leaving hair silky, pretty much tangle-free and super easy to comb through. it isn't heavy on my finer textures hair, and leaves it smoother than just about anything I've ever used.

Oh, and both (shampoo & conditioner) smell incredible! The whole range features a similar scent, that has a fresh but slightly musky-floral combination that is luxe-feeling, but not overpowering.

Kristin Ess Hair leave in conditioner

After using The One Signature Conditioner, I really didn't feel like my hair needed any extra conditioning, but I am always game to try a new product so I've been misting on the Leave-in Conditioner post-towel dry. The spray is super lightweight, but still quite hydrating, and leaves hair feeling amazingly soft and smooth. I'm not much of a blow-drier, but the smoothness this leaves is almost as good as a blow out (almost.) I haven't bleached my hair in a while, but I know this will be a must have once I re-up as this is also formulated for use as a detangler and works to revive dull hair with regular use.

Kristin Ess Hair air dry texture spray

New we're getting to the really good stuff. I am all about that textured hair life, and while my above the shoulder lob does need a refresh (I grew it out a bit over the winter) this Kisten Ess styling duo has me in a full on hair love fest. And really, what's a better feeling than loving your hair?

The Sea Salt Air Dry Spray is a take on your average salt spray (which I usually don't like on my hair texture) that has no crunchy, sticky, weird texture. It's sprayed onto wet hair, and is released as a super fine mist for an even application. When hair dries (I go for a natural dry to bring out my natural wave and curl) hair has volume, a light natural feeling texture with a soft-matte effect, and a tousled look.

You could leave hair at this stage, but I like to amp it up a little more and add in some more curl definition as my hair does straight, wavy, and curly all at once. I've been adding in some beachy curl with my pearl curling wand, giving my hair a little brush out, and then a quick mist of the Dry Finish Working Texture Spray. Dry texturizing sprays are usually on the pricey side, but this formula is not only inexpensive, but is a great option if you don't want an overly matte finish. This is super light when applied, and initially doesn't seem like it's doing much. Do as the brand states, give it 30 seconds and then give hair a muss and fluff (volume lovers know the move) and voila- a little grit, volume, and that undone-but-done look.

Kristin Ess Hair dry shampoo

You can't really have a full haircare range without dry shampoo, and the Hair Style Reviving Dry Shampoo is alllll that. I'll admit I'm not super fussy when it comes to dry shampoo, as long as it sucks up a bit of oil and doesn't leave me looking too Casper-y, I'm relatively happy. That said, when I find a great one I'm extremely happy. This one falls into the latter category with it's super-fine mist (an trend across all of these products) and a matching lightweight formula that doesn't leave any cast. Instead, it leaves second day hair feeling nicely cleansed, without chalky dryness, and revived volume. If you use dry shampoo for texture, this isn't going to be your favourite as it just doesn't have that sort of feel- it is better suited if you want a more natural effect.

If you couldn't tell, I'm completely smitten with these products! I've already got the hair spray in my cart but I have a feeling a few other products from this range might be in my next order as well. I love that this range offers just about everything one could want and that there seems to have been a lot of though and care put into each formula. What do you think? Have you tried anything from this brand or want to? What's is your go-to styling product?

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