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Friday, March 9, 2018

Maybelline Total temptation Collection | Spring 2018

maybelline total temptation collection
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Who needs a new mascara? I never really do, as I always have something waiting in the wings, but I am very much guilty of not tossing a tube when I should. It's just so easy to use a favourite a little longer than the recommended three months. I did do a recent clear-out though, and was hoping the new Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara could be a new favourite, but does it take have it what it takes? Read on for my thoughts...

Okay, we're not actually starting with the mascara. Sorry for the bait and switch, but it just so happens that there is a complete Total Temptation Collection. Fun, right? It features everything needed for perfected eyes- brow pencils, palette, and of course, mascara.

Starting with the Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencils, which ended up being my favourite product from the collection. Available in four shades (blonde, soft brown, medium brown, and deep brown) it features an angled / teardrop shape that works really nicely to define and fill brows. The formula is nicely pigmented, a little waxy (n the right way) and I love that the Deep Brown shade is cool and ashy- meaning, it is a good match on my black brows.

Next up on the total temptation tour, the Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette. The palette combines two shadow quads and two highlighters all snuggled up in one palette. The palette is super cute with it's pale pink packaging and unique wave design on the powders. It definitely sets itself apart from your average drugstore palette in the looks department.

The shadows are divided into two 'looks' with a warmer, peachy side, and a cooler, lavender side. I found the shadows swatched quite nicely, with a pretty smooth, even consistence through the texture- shimmer, mattes, and one unfortunately chunky glitter (the second shadow on the cool side) but I didn't find they applied as nicely. The mattes were very soft when used with a brush leaving a lot of loose product, well, everywhere. The pigmentation suffered once on the eyes as well, resulting in a softer effect and all the shades looking very similar.

maybelline total temptation eyeshadow palette  (1)

As much as I love a highlighter, I didn't know what to think about these, but was proved wrong by the gold shade. Of the two, it is the warmer shade, but it isn't so warm that it can't work on lighter skin. It gives a great glow (so cute on the tip of the nose)  and doesn't read as glittery. The lavender-pink shade on the other hand.... I expected to love it, but it's just too glittery. Both do boast a creamy, smooth texture though and do work nicely on the eyes as well.

Okay, on to the 'star' product of the range. The Total Temptation Mascara is hailed as a mousse, whipped formula, enriched with coconut extract (and a hint of coconut scent) to 'build defined volume to create irresistibly soft, separated, and full lashes coat after coat.' Umm... Not quite.

maybelline before and after
The saddest before and after...

The formula seemed quite wet, and not very moussey- just wet. It resulted in messy application and sad results. The brush is kind of large, but not obnoxious, and made of standard wire-type bristles. It's pretty average, but does hold too much product for this formula. My lashes just didn't get on with this formula (as you can see...) It dragged down curl, didn't do all that much in terms of lengthening, and went from no volume on the first coat to clumping lashes on the second.

Overall, I can't say this collection wowed me. Aside from the brow pencil, I say give the range a pass, unless softer shadows are your thing. I used the warmer shades in the photo above, and while you really don't get much shade differentiation on the eye (every just blends together) the looks was pretty, if not subtle, in person. What do you think? Are you interested in trying any of these products?

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