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Friday, March 2, 2018

Pearlesque Box | March 2018 C. Lavie

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I am always open to new skincare, but when that skincare happens to be a cruelty-free, organic, and French brand with cute meets luxe packaging... I get very happy. So, it's pretty fair to say that the March Pearlesque Box is pure happiness, as it features two full size C. Lavie products.

If you missed my last Pearlesque Box posts and are wondering what it's all about, I suggest checking one out (here). It features a bit more info as to what you can expect with a Pearlesque Box subscription (like only organic, and natural products, and a focus on full size products- no wimpy samples) If you're ready...

'Whether they were carried by perfumers, at a pharmacy, in a supermarket, or in organic specialty stores, the selection of products caused Sylvia to develop various cutaneous reactions such as inflamed skin, redness, blemishes, and eczema. She started to scrutinize the formulas of each product that she had at home, investigating their components and the effect they have on skin. While making her discoveries, Sylvia stopped using the cosmetic products called 'conventional' and turned to products called 'organic' particularly because they do not contain silicone or mineral oils which proved to be very comedogenic. 

Sylvia noticed that it was not easy to find products that suit her and was disappointed by the odor and texture of products and continued to develop reactions due in part to the presence of alcohol or essential oils. Frustrated and having lost confidence in cosmetics, Sylvia began to create her own products at home. C. Lavie formulas are short, and entirely active, developed with raw, unrefined ingredients. They distinguish themselves with their pleasant, penetrating and delicately perfumed textures, combined with extremely gentle, powerful ingredients selected for their tolerability and remarkable affinity with skin. All products are made in France, cruelty-free, certified organic and by PETA.'

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C. Lavie Essential Eye Cream .11 15 ml $70 USD

I find my skincare obsessions to shift from product type to type, and lately my attention has landed on eye creams. To my delight the C. Lavie Essential Eye Cream .11 is featured in this month's box. The name may say cream, but this is actually a super lightweight gel that combines rose flower water,  natural hyaluronic acid and pure aloe vera juice for optimal hydration and tightening. Immortelle and and green coffee extracts provide efficient drainage (aka it works to reduce morning under eye puff) and reduces dark circles.

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C. Lavie Essential Day Cream .19 50 ml $85 USD

What better a pairing for eye cream than day cream, right? The C. Lavie Essential Day Cream .19 features a unique formula that works to protect skin from external attacks while limiting dehydration (aka it moisturizes) with a blend of precious oils of prickly pear, jojoba, and desert date that are high in essential fatty acids and triglycerides, known for their moisturizing, anti-radical, and repairing properties.

The cream is light, but rich feeling with an instantly absorbing texture. It leaves skin feeling super soft, with what the brand calls a 'soft touch' finish that mimics a primer, making this perfect for pre-makeup use. Plus, this smells amazing! I don't know what it is, but it's 100% natural,  light and almost foodie in nature (vanilla, perhaps?) I don't tend to seek out fragrance in my facial skincare, but this is a welcome surprise.

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Overall, products I'm really happy to start using- the moisturizer smells so good! I love that Pearlesque Box aids in discovering something you may have otherwise never found. A monthly subscription to Pearlesque Box will set you back $39.95 (free shipping within the USA, international shipping is an additional fee.) You're pretty much guaranteed to get much more for your money- this month's box has a whopping value of $155 USD. To receive this month's box, subscribe here by March 5th and use code BAILEY15 to save 15% on your first order.

Pearlesque Box is now offering 3, 6, and 12 month options along with electronic gift cards that can be used in their store or on subscription purchases. What do you think? Do you or have you subscribed to Pearlesque Box? Tried anything from C. Lavie ?

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